Coop’s first bike ride! + I love food + packing…

These lunches have been delicious all week – rice, veggies, and chicken topped with goat cheese and a little ranch dressing. YUMMMM.

Monday was a busy day, lots of packing and computer work. Jake ended up working late due to some storms we had, so I had dinner while I waited for him to get home. Coleslaw salad with leftover steak and a mom pour of wine. Delicious.

Little man had a rough night Monday. I think he’s getting reallllly close to cutting a tooth. He was fussy and clingy all night. Poor baby. I can’t imagine teething. It must be so dang painful.

Breakfast this week has been an egg scramble with a bagel. Eggs grossed me out for the longest time while pregnant and postpartum, I’m thankful they sound good again! I love ketchup on eggs.

Jake got Coop the coolest bike trailer! He got it all built and tried it out yesterday. Coop loved it.

Not sure who loved it more…Cooper or Dad…

This snack is delicious – beef jerky, a cheese stick, and a Perfect Bar.

We have been packing a little bit all week for our upcoming trip. It is slightly overwhelming to pack for being gone so long with a baby, so I’m trying to stay on track and pack a little each day so I don’t miss anything.

How many hats is too many hats??? Asking for myself…Coop sure seems to support my bad habits.

Packing essentials…wine.

I cannot wait to take this kid to Colorado and show him all of our favorite places. The struggle will be to see if we can get Jake back home after our trip…

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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