Taking it easy + friend time + our next location

Little man has been sleeping with us all week. I think he’s definitely teething and maybe has a little bit of a cold. Poor guy. He’s still been a trooper!

The best snuggles.

We loved getting to spend time with some of our favorites.

They grilled for us Monday night and we enjoyed the amazing views from their patio.

Little man went to bed and we had some alone time to watch a movie. Here’s a poor quality photo to document.

I love watching Coop explore and learn.

I knocked out a little work Tuesday morning. Thankful to be able to work from anywhere!

We sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine and breeze. Coop loves this little tent.

On the road again! We stopped at REI and Coop got his own Nalgene. He was pretty stoked about it.

Car seat naps for the win.

We are headed to Buena Vista for the rest of our trip. I am seeing a PT tomorrow to see if she can help my back. I haven’t given up on being able to run Saturday…praying I’m able to!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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