Full circle + dry needling + exploring

We stopped in Leadville Wednesday on our way to Buena Vista. We of course had to take a picture with Coop in the same spot that Jake proposed in 2017. The last time we were in Leadville was 2021, in the middle of IVF, hoping we’d one day be able to take our baby there. Talk about a full circle moment!

2017 when Jake proposed after the Leadville 100 run.

And in 2021 on our way to ski.

This kid loves Leadville as much as we do!

We had to get Tennessee Pass for lunch. They have the brussels.

Then it was straight to BV so I could hop onto a meeting that afternoon.

We grabbed dinner at The Lariat and it was outstanding. Coop’s night was made when our waitress gave him a plastic cup.

We shared wings, jalapeño cornbread, and fish tacos. SO amazing.

Coop has been waking up a lot at night, so we’re getting lots of snuggles.

Thursday morning started with an early meeting. Jake made me breakfast and hung with Coop while I worked.

Jake headed out for a run, then we all got ready to go play in a nearby park.

This kid and his love of swings.

He also loved going down the slide.

I saw a local PT and had some dry needling done on my back. She thinks it’s my piriformis, L5, and glute muscle causing so much pain. I felt really good after the appointment, but am back to being sore/stiff, so we’ll see how I feel Saturday morning. If it’s still super painful, I won’t run and will just cheer on the other runners. I’m definitely a little heartbroken.

We grabbed dinner with friends Thursday night and I had a delicious spicy mango margarita.

We have been on the go all day, which is why the blog is late today. We have a fun event tonight for Team Trail Sisters and then I’ll just see how I feel in the morning about running.

Happy Friday, friends!

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