Y’all, baby sleep is HARD + more fun foods + seven whole months!

We are still trying to nap more often in the crib, which I’m hoping will lead to longer stretches in the crib at night. Stay tuned…little dude wasn’t about it the other day.

He needed a little bit of cuddling, but then went back down in the crib.

After a nap, it was time for mom to do a little bit more work. Coop hung out in a hamper for a bit.

Lunch time – another chicken, veggie, and quinoa bowl. SO good. I’ve been eating these cold this week and I almost like them better that way.

I saw another sports massage therapist Wednesday afternoon about my back. We are still looking for answers about the pain I’m having. She said everything was really tight and worked a lot on my spine/pelvis. I am still SO sore from her working on knots and tightness. I’m still walking kind of weird, so I’m seeing another PT Monday and talking to a pelvic floor specialist later today. I’m desperate!

Dinner Wednesday night was a sweet potato with bbq ground turkey and cheese plus salad.

Coop tried sweet potatoes and LOVED them.

Helping mom pump. I love my manual pump. I doubt I’ll ever use an electric pump again. The manual pump is so much easier to use and way more efficient.

I hope he always wants to snuggle me.

Jake was working in our neighborhood yesterday, so we stopped by and said hi. Coop loved looking at all the big equipment.

I finally got his pack’n play out, so he played in there while I worked a little bit.

Jake grilled the most delicious pork chops for us and his parents last night. They were amazing – here’s the evidence.

Coop tried banana last night. He wasn’t quite sure at first, but ended up eating almost an entire half.

We started with mushy and then moved to spears. It’s so fun watching him experience new foods.

When mom does a spray tan and gets the microblading on her eyebrows touched up….ha!

Someone is seven months old!!! I cannot believe it.

Happy Friday, friends!

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