Am I too obsessed? + trainer rides + more first foods!

The cutest little sleeper. Slowly trying to get him used to napping other places than just on me…

I don’t know what they were plotting, but they both look a little guilty.

Some floor playtime before going to the park.

Oh, hi mini Jake.

After the park, we grabbed lunch with my sister and Eleanor, then I headed to another PT appointment for my dang back/hip. I am hopeful after seeing Terra! She did all kinds of assessments and thinks it’s a combination of weak glutes, mobility issues, and a slight foot issue. PRAYING the exercises she gave me fixes it. One positive, the bike trainer doesn’t cause pain, so I’m getting some riding in. It feels good to do SOMETHING, but man, I miss running.

Someone was over his activity center, so he helped me finish my ride.

Little man tried yogurt for the first time. He was unsure at first, but then couldn’t get enough. I think he ate almost half a cup, which I wasn’t expecting.

Mom and dad had deer brats, salad, and chips for dinner.

We got some good cuddles in Tuesday morning before starting our day.

We met some friends for coffee before heading back home for a meeting. Seeing these girls made my day!

Little man played in his pack’n play while I had a meeting, then Jake’s sister came to watch him during my faculty meeting.

My meeting bored him to sleep.

A little outfit change due to the biggest poop I’ve ever seen.

My favorite coworker.

Another day, another training ride.

Then it was off to the vet to see if Lu could be released from spending 24/7 in her kennel. After four long months, she can start to be out of her kennel!!! Best. News. Ever. This poor girl had such a rough summer. Two knee surgeries later, she’s on the mend!

Baby boy tried blueberries last night. He wasn’t quite sure about them at first, but seemed to like them toward the end.

This is the look of someone who is so stoked to be out of her kennel. Yay, Lu!!

Someone slept in this morning. I don’t know how his little 20 pound body takes up a whole king bed, but it sure does.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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