Kind of running + deliciousness + back to strength training…

I got to run again Monday!! I got about a mile in before my glute/back fired up again. The good news is that the pain isn’t back at all, it’s just tight and feels a little fatigued. I’ll take it! I ended up walking the rest of my thirty minute run, which felt pretty good. I’m just beyond thankful to be able to walk now.

Someone got a big boy cup and loves sipping on water all by himself.

This goofball always sleeps in the funniest positions.

Banza sent me some pizzas to try and holy moly…they were AMAZING. Cannot recommend them enough.

My mom brought this mix back for us from their trip. I made it Monday night and think it needs to be a new fall tradition.

Coop tried broccoli Tuesday night. He seemed to like the flavor, but mom and dad had some anxiety about him choking on it, so we switched to yogurt. Starting solid foods can be scary. I don’t think there’s a single right way to do it (or to do anything in parenting). You just have to find what works best for you and your kiddo!

Wednesday morning started with a little play time in Coop’s nursery.

He had some banana for lunch, which is one of his favorites.

And my lunch was one of my favorites – quinoa, brown rice, chicken, broccoli, cheese, and ranch. YUM.

Coop’s first faux hawk!

Coop was having a blast playing in his room, so I grabbed my weights and did my strength workout workout in there while he played.

When Jake got home from work, we went on a family bike ride. While we were out, we decided to grab a beer from Great Escape. While we were there, we ran into Alix and Jack, which made our day!

Post family bike ride.

Dinner last night was leftover pizza and salad.

Little dude loves avocado.

I got up early, fed Coop, left him in bed with his Dad, and got ready to run! I started with a little glute activation before heading out the door.

I don’t remember the last time I ran in the dark. I was thankful to have Rhea with me since I was solo. I knocked out my whole thirty minute run by doing a 2:00 walk/2:00 run combination.

Two happy girls post-run.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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