So. Much. Writing. + how is he so cute?! + almost back to it!

I had another PT session Wednesday. I am still in disbelief that I am finally pain-free. I struggled to walk for about three weeks, and went without running for a little over a month. I am now pain-free, able to walk normally, and I’m getting back into running. I am so so thankful for Terra at Enhance Physical Therapy. After PT, I headed to the library to get some writing knocked out. My sister watched Cooper for me that morning. I grabbed coffee and a snack and got to work. In a little over an hour, I got so much accomplished. I almost have an article ready to send off to a journal.

I was gone from Coop for three hours, which is the longest we have been apart. I was so happy to be reunited with him.

Since I cannot run for as long as I was, my coach has added in some cycling. I ran Wednesday morning and then hopped on my bike when Jake got home from work that evening.

Little man tried carrots Wednesday night. We waited too long and he was super tired by the time we ate dinner, so he was a little fussy. We called it quits on dinner and put him to bed. He was so worn out.

Jake and I had chili and salad for dinner. I am definitely enjoying our cooler weather. Fall is by far my favorite season.

Coop is so close to crawling, so we spend a lot of time on the floor.

This kid makes our lives so full. He is so much fun and his smile melts my heart.

He sure does love his puppies.

Those eyes.

We headed to Cesar’s for dinner last night – I had been craving their sangria. They have the best sangria on the planet. Jake’s parents met us and we had fun watching Cooper try guacamole and refried beans for the first time.

Friday morning snuggles before getting started on some work. I love our slow mornings together.

Happy Friday, friends!

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