Weekend Wrap-up: all the running & riding + moms who brunch + Coop starts swim today!

It was such a fun, full weekend. Jake left after work on Friday to go to Arkansas to pace one of his good friends in a hundred mile race. Coop and I missed him so much, but we stayed busy running around and doing all the things. Friday afternoon, I dropped Cooper off at my sisters and I hopped on my bike for an hour ride. The weather was incredible.

My glute still feels a little bit off when I run, but I am not having any pain at all, so I am super thankful for that. I am also thankful that I am able to add in some riding with my running.

I was done with my workday on Friday pretty early, so I chowed down on all this deliciousness after my ride.

I had a strength workout scheduled for Friday, so I knocked that out while little man played.

Then we got ready to head to dinner with my parents and sister.

The OG Dormans (plus Coop)!

I miss him so much when he sleeps. He is about to pop his second tooth, so he hasn’t been sleeping super great on his own. He ends up in bed with me around eleven or midnight every night. I love the snuggles, so I will take it.

We started our Saturday with a stroller run. I can’t remember the last time we did a stroller run…this was my first stroller run since my glute flared up. I am still not entirely sure that stroller running didn’t flare it up, so I am trying to be cautious, but I sure do love running with Cooper.

He was out after about 10 minutes. I love how much he loves being in the stroller. Jake and I were just talking about how blessed we feel that he enjoys so many of our favorite hobbies. He loves being in his bike trailer, loves hiking, and loves being in the running stroller. That definitely makes it easier for us to do those things together.

The weather this weekend was incredible. I love fall so much.

Someone tried turkey for the first time on Saturday and loved it.

We had a bath after lunch, which he also loved.

Later Saturday afternoon, my mom watched Cooper for me while I rode in their neighborhood. My legs were toast after my stroller run that morning and all the hills around my parents’ house.

Post-ride relaxation by my parents’ pool. My mom and I sat outside and chatted until Cooper and I headed home.

When we got home, Cooper had green beans for dinner. He loved them! I am thankful he has liked just about everything he has tried so far.

I had leftover chili for dinner and added sweet potato chips and crispy onions to it. It was amazing.

Coop slept with his hands like this for a long time Saturday night. It cracked me up.

Coop starts swim lessons today! I am excited for him and nervous for me…these are the infant swim lessons that teach babies how to save themselves if in a situation where they could drown. They will work up to putting him in the pool fully clothed. I think some of the lessons will be hard to watch, but I am thankful Coop will know how to save himself, although I hope we never encounter a situation like that.

We knocked out my run early Sunday morning. It was chilly, so little man was all bundled up.

Coop snoozed for about 30 minutes of my 45 minute run. I felt really good and ended with almost four miles for the day. I did a run/walk combo again and my glute felt okay!

Sunday morning, we met up with the runner girl gang for brunch with all the babies. It was a blast! I can’t believe four of us had babies this year. Bring on all the stroller runs!

Teriyaki chicken poke bowls for lunch this week. YUM. I am excited for these.

Someone is unimpressed with mango…ha!

Happy Monday, friends!

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