Weekend Wrap-up: all things fall + my first postpartum race!! + landscaping fun

We had the best weekend! It was super busy, but we managed to squeeze in a little bit of fun while still being productive. Plus, we got to spend it together, so that made it even better. Before we cover our weekend fun, this is the face of someone pooping in the bath for the first time…

Dinner Friday night was one of my favorites, brat burgers and layered salad. The name of the food game around here right now is quick and easy.

Saturday morning started with an hour long family run. I am so so happy to be back running, but even happier to be back running with my favorite guys. Jake push the stroller and had Rhea on her leash so I could just focus on running. Best husband and dad ever.

I bought this sweatshirt when I first found out I was pregnant. It says F bomb kind of mom… It always makes me laugh. I finally got to wear it this weekend.

We had planned to spend most of the weekend finally tackling the landscaping in our front yard, so we headed to Lowe’s after our run. If you remember, we ripped everything out of our flowerbeds and laid new landscaping rocks the summer before last, so it has been a long time of looking at our house with zero plants/trees. It has looked pretty barren, but we didn’t want to do anything until we got our house painted and the weather cooled off a little bit.

We took a quick lunch break and someone sucked on his first pickle. He loved it. It didn’t even phase him.

One of Coop‘s favorite things is to drink water out of big cups. He does surprisingly well and actually drinks the water.

We had been wanting some pumpkins and mums, so after lunch, we headed to our friend’s fall shop called Hale’s Harvest. It is the cutest space and they have so many amazing fall things.

How cute is this pumpkin house? Ashleigh, you are so talented!

When you are realizing that your mom takes a lot of pictures…

Sunday morning started with a little bit of PT and a warm-up run before my first postpartum race! I was so excited and a little bit nervous.

I did a trail 5K at one of my favorite places, Two Rivers Bike Park. It was so much fun! I ended up eight female overall and snagged second in my age group. I felt really good and didn’t have any issues with my back/glute. I know I am still not 100%, but it sure felt good to be back at it.

I loved that my favorite guys were with me.

After the race, we made another trip back to Carson’s Nurserg to pick up the trees we bought and grab a few more plants. This kid is a big fan of Nalgene.

Jake’s sweet Grandma, Wynona, came over to help us plant.

This little goofball kept me pretty busy yesterday, so we were beyond thankful that Jake’s grandma came over to help us. There’s no way we would’ve gotten everything done without her.

I couldn’t get very good pictures this morning because of the sun, but we finished everything in the front. Now we just need to finish some small things and get the landscaping rock to cover the rest of the beds. Everything is going to look so cool once it starts growing. It already changed our house so much.

Happy Monday, friends!

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