This kid is a goof + the best pasta + 60 whole minutes!

We are still trying for at least one nap in his crib every day. He’s the cutest little sleeper.

He has also discovered the baby monitor.

He is such a goofball. He’s working on some more teeth, but still manages to smile. I can’t imagine how painful teething is…

We headed to swim Monday evening. Someone was a little too excited…cough, cough, Jake…

It’s so fun watching Coop learn. We have five weeks left of his every day lessons, so I can’t wait to see how he grows through the next weeks.

Jake grilled delicious chicken Monday night for dinner and I threw together some random things that ended up making the most delicious pasta. Bow tie pasta, mushrooms, bacon, ghee, and ranch. It was so good!

The two cutest boys in the whole world. They were FaceTiming.

I had a meeting Tuesday morning and then knocked out an afternoon run with Jake and Coop. It was my longest run since all of my back/glute drama. It felt pretty dang good. I am three weeks out from my next race.

Someone fell asleep right as we were finishing up our miles.

Cooper hung out at my sister’s house while I was at my physical therapy appointment. Eleanor taught him all about Paw Patrol. Based on the concentration on his face, I am going to say he loved it.

We had another swim lesson last night. Cooper sure loves Mr. Ben.

Two thumbs up for trail races! We got some of our pictures back from the race I did last weekend. I can’t wait for my next one!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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