Weekend Wrap-up: rodeo fun + eight months + back home

We had the most fun weekend in Kansas City. This handsome dude and I got ready Friday morning to head up to the expo to walk around a little bit.

He makes everything so much fun.

Jake finished up a training and then got to hang out with us for a little bit. The last time we went to the lineman rodeo, Jake was competing. This time, he was judging the events.

Coop loved looking at the cool tools and gear.

Every Friday night, there is a barbecue and a huge tshirt trade. It is a super fun event. There were 4,600 people at the rodeo this year! Coop took a little snooze before we ate and some nice lady gave him a future lineman shirt.

Our favorite lineman. <3

Dinner Friday night was delicious.

Saturday morning started with a 90 minute run. I got Coop all bundled up and we hit up the Tomahawk Creek Trail.

We ended up with a little over seven miles for the day.

After my run, we got changed and headed out to the rodeo. I never get tired of watching these guys do their thing. It’s so impressive to me.

Coop took a little snooze while we walked around.

Then he grabbed some lunch on the go.

After the rodeo, we grabbed a beer and a snack with some of the other guys and their wives. Coop got to do his favorite thing – drink out of a big cup. This kid is a goof.

We got ready and headed to the big banquet later Saturday evening. I failed to get pictures, but it was so fun.

Sunday morning green beans when you wake up…so good.

Before we hit the road for home, we grabbed brunch and hit up REI.

As soon as we got home, Jake picked up Rhea from his parents and then we went on a quick family run before going to my parents’ house to get Lu and watch the Chiefs game.

My parents also fed us all this deliciousness.

Someone is eight months old (as of yesterday)! I need to take his eight month pictures today.

Happy Monday, friends!

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