Eight whole months + runssss + the best tacos ever

Still very much in denial about this kid being eight months old already…why is time going so quickly?!

Tutu (my mom) babysat on Monday for a little bit. Everyone got a good nap in.

This kid and his lounging. He cracks me up.

Someone has cried at swim every night this week. It breaks my heart, but I know he’s learning important skills and it will get better.

We had the best tacos in the world Monday night. They were super easy to make, but sooo dang good. Ground beef, spicy Rotel, and onion powder. So. Amazing.

Sometimes ya just need a little bike ride before bed.

I am still going strong with my PT exercises. Rhea likes to join in occasionally.

The cutest little thighs I’ve ever seen.

His smirks crack me up.

Jake’s sister watched Coop for a little bit Tuesday afternoon, so I headed out for a run since my meeting was canceled. Rhea joined me and loved it.

We ended with a little over five and a half miles for the day. I felt pretty decent on this run, but it felt MUCH longer than an hour.

After my run, it was right back to mom-ing, my favorite thing in the world.

The new sign for our front door. No more waking Coop up from naps!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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