Weekend Wrap-up: RSV sucks + longest postpartum run + urgent care

This weekend has kicked my butt. Poor Coop has RSV and an ear infection. Jake was gone Saturday night and I came home to our power being out, so it was kind of a stressful night. BUT, we got through it and I have been soaking up all kinds of baby snuggles.

Friday afternoon started with lunch at Galloway with Kayla and Becca. Coop snoozed most of lunch.

I have been wanting one of these big spider webs for awhile, so we finally got one and Jake put it up for me. I love it!

We had an event to go to Friday night, but Coop was pretty miserable, so he and I stayed home and I ordered sushi for dinner. One of my girlfriends, Britney, surprised me with my favorite skinny margarita right after my dinner had been delivered. She made my night!! Thank you, Britney!!

Coop felt warm, so I took his temperature, and he had a fever. Between his fever, his coughing, and all the snot he had, I was nervous about him having RSV, so I called Jake, who rushed home, and we took Coop to urgent care.

Thankful for this kid’s smile even when he doesn’t feel well.

Early Saturday morning snuggles with my boy before heading out for my long run. I had major mom guilt leaving him to run, but he was with Jake, who kept encouraging me to get out and get some me time. I was thankful I listened to him!

I had a two hour run on the schedule for Saturday. I hadn’t done that since the day my glute/back/hip flared up so badly and I couldn’t walk. I was nervous and excited to see how I felt now that I’ve been working on all those issues.

I felt SO good on this run. I think I smiled the whole time. Between having a sick baby, getting no sleep, and just feeling blah, I wasn’t sure this run was going to happen.

I ended with a little over 11 miles for the day, which is my longest postpartum run yet!

Last mile, best mile.

After my run, we all got ready to go to my parents’ to spend time with some of my family who was visiting from out of town. I failed to take any pictures, but we had the best time together. We had planned to get breakfast Sunday morning, but Coop kept choking on mucus and throwing up, so we stayed home and just cuddled. This is his favorite way to lounge. He has also started waving, which is adorable. He was waving at the tv in this picture.

Since I couldn’t meet everyone for breakfast, my parents dropped something off for me. They’re. The. Best.

This is what our day consisted of.

Even when he doesn’t feel well, he’s still a goofball. This kid cracks me up.

The LAST thing I wanted to do was run on Sunday. I was sooo worn out, feeling sick myself, and just drained. BUT, Coop loves being outside, so we headed out for a run/walk. I definitely did not get my 90-minute run in, but something is better than nothing.

God bless Uber Eats. I ordered dinner from McAlister’s last night. I’m ashamed at how quickly I inhaled this. It was amazing.

Coop played a little bit on the floor in his room. This kid is crawling like crazy. It’s so fun to watch.

I managed to knock out a little bit of meal prep yesterday. It was SO easy. Seeds of Change rice and quinoa (which cooks in the bag), frozen veggies, and chicken. So quick and easy. At least we will have lunches for the week! I made a ton of burritos the other week and froze them, so we are good on breakfast for awhile.

We will top our chicken with this sauce, which is one of my favorites.

Coop went to sleep in his crib last night, so I snuggled my first baby and sipped some whiskey before he got up and got into bed with me. We were up most of the night after that. He just couldn’t get comfortable. Poor baby.

My poor baby has had a really rough morning. We sat in the bathroom in steam earlier and that seemed to help him a little bit. I hate seeing him miserable. It breaks my heart. He’s napping on me now and seems to be a little bit better.

Happy Monday, friends!

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