On the mend! + this lunch is delicious + he loves his bike

Monday was still a pretty rough day. We got lots of snuggles in. I could tell he was starting to feel a little bit better, which I was thankful for. RSV sucks.

Lunches this week have been so delicious. Brown rice, quinoa, veggies, chicken, pepper Jack cheese, and sweet Thai chili sauce. YUM.

We have been getting lots of floor play time. Coop LOVES to move and crawl, so we are officially on the go all the time. I try to get my PT in throughout the day.

When mom does a spray tan and matches your dresser…HA! I hadn’t showered it off yet, which is why it’s so dark looking. Gosh, I love this kid.

Dinner Monday night was a burger with bacon, avocado, and goat cheese, with a salad and chips on the side it was delicious.

These have been our go-tos this week while Coop has been sick. We have also been using a humidifier, the NoseFrida, saline nose spray, and lots of water. Coop was up at 4:30 Tuesday morning, but thankfully, he went back down for a nap around 8, which I totally joined him for. It was wonderful.

Like I said, I have not wanted him to get dehydrated, so he’s been drinking lots of water. He prefers to drink out of an open cup, which is adorable.

I had a last minute meeting scheduled yesterday, so this is how we did it. My colleagues enjoyed watching Coop play.

Another day, another delicious lunch. I’m SO thankful I meal prepped this week. I would’ve been eating random junk if I hadn’t. The days have been a little bonkers.

Sometimes ya just need a little afternoon bike ride.

I didn’t feel like running yesterday, but like always, I knew I’d feel better afterward, so I hopped on the treadmill for my 60-minute endurance run.

These four cuties hung out with me while I ran. And look who rode around on his other bike. Can you tell we like bikes around here?

Another burger with salad and chips for dinner. Leftovers make my heart happy.

We leave for Florida tomorrow! SO thankful Coop is better. He still has a little cough, but I’ve heard that can linger for a week or so afterward. He hasn’t had a fever in about 24 hours, so that is great. Praying we are on the other side of RSV.

Friendly reminder – do not kiss babies that aren’t yours and stay out of their faces, especially right now during RSV season. This virus can be deadly and seems like a common cold in adults. Plus, no one should be kissing babies that aren’t theirs in the fist place.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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