Mom sick + Coop’s first craft + hello from Florida!

Jake worked until 4 am Wednesday morning, so he came home and slept a little bit before joining us for a family run.

My little blue-eyed boy.

Coop did his first craft Thursday morning. We made one to take over to Eleanor.

He was pretty proud of his work!

Just dropping off yet another necklace someone broke…and matching in blue tie dye.

I woke up not feeling great Thursday morning, so I wasn’t sure if a run was going to happen. I knew it was just a cold and moving a little bit would make me feel better, so we headed out to see how things felt.

Just a happy boy and his Nalgene.

My run felt pretty good, which I was thankful for. After my run, I hopped in the shower super fast and finished up getting ready for our flight to Florida. This was Cooper’s first flight!

He was pretty wild most of the flight. He only fell asleep the last 30ish minutes or so, so he was up three hours past his normal bed time.

Good morning from Florida! We got in about midnight last night and finally went to bed about 1:30. This kid was a champ and never once got fussy. We slept in a little and then came over to my grandparents’ house for breakfast.

A little early morning piano playing at the Airbnb.

I had a meeting this morning and now we are off to the pool while the guys golf!

Happy Friday, friends

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