All the Halloween fun + race week! + back to swim…

This little guy sure does love a good stroller nap. I am thankful for that! I am excited to start figuring out my next training cycle after my race Sunday. I have some big postpartum goals.

We had so much fun on Halloween. Jake was our beekeeper…I think he has his hands pretty full. ; )

I think Coop was still worn out from our Florida trip and our super late night Sunday. He was kind of out of it most of the night and refused to spend much time with anyone but me. Poor Bub.

I had a pretty busy day yesterday with lots of meetings and computer work. Jake’s sister watched Cooper for me during one of my meetings and then I knocked out my last endurance run for this training cycle. It was amazing. I felt like I could’ve kept running for hours, so I hope that is a good sign for Sunday morning.

Someone passed out the second he got in the stroller.

Cooper had not been to swim in a week and a half since he had RSV, so I wasn’t sure how last night would go. He cried the entire 15 minute lesson, which was heartbreaking, but I know he is learning life saving skills, so it will be worth it in the end. We snuggled and I nursed him right after his lesson, then he slept the entire way home. I think he was worn out!

Random dinners are on the menu for this week. Acorn squash, quinoaand brown rice, and black bean patties. This was surprisingly delicious and we are going to have it again tonight.

Today is my busy meeting day, so my sister is going to come over and watch Cooper for me for a little bit. So thankful for our village!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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