Counting down! + Coop’s first zoo trip + I love food

This little dude and I have been sleeping in this week, and while it has been very nice, we need to get back on a schedule of getting up earlier. I feel like I waste a lot of my morning when I sleep in. I sure do love the extra cuddles, though. His little smirks crack me up.

Someone has learned how to maneuver his walker in-between doorways…We are in trouble.

I knocked out a little bit of computer work Wednesday morning and then we headed out for a recovery run. Cooper was all smiles once we got outside.

I love his little teeth. He is getting ready to have one breakthrough on the top.

I have one more recovery run today and then I won’t run again until my race on Sunday. This will be my first half marathon since having Cooper. I have not done that distance since April 2021.

My tiniest running buddy.

Lunches this week are bringing me back to elementary school days. A PB&J with carrot sticks and ranch and chips.

We have officially lowered the crib to its lowest setting. This boy is wild.

Another dinner of a black bean patty, rice with hot sauce, and acorn squash. So easy and so delicious.

Sometimes Coop eats off our plates and sometimes we use premade stuff (it is mostly premade stuff right now!) We are currently loving Yumi. They have a huge variety of different things and Cooper has loved every one he has tried so far. This one was kale and peach.

I had a meeting Thursday morning and then we got ready to meet my mom, sister, and Eleanor at the zoo. Cooper is not a fan of sunglasses.

He was so excited to sit like a big boy in his stroller.

He passed out after about 30 minutes.

We went straight from the zoo to swim, so it was about a 35 minute drive. He screamed and cried the entire drive to swim. He has started saying mama when he is crying and it absolutely breaks my heart. I was hoping that meant he had gotten all of his crying out before swim, but I was very wrong. The second he saw the water he started crying. I know the crying is part of the learning process, and almost every single baby cries, but it is so hard to hear it. Coop didn’t cry at all the first two weeks, so we were hopeful that he wouldn’t cry at all.

He still does all the work that he needs to do, but he cries while he does it.

The second the lesson is over, he is back to his normal self. He always gets lots of snuggles and a nursing session before we head home.

We had ground beef tacos for dinner last night and they were delicious. We are going to have them again tonight because we both loved them so much.

Cooper had triple berry pie for breakfast and I was pretty jealous. This one was delicious, too.

My Fridays are typically pretty slow, so Coop, and I have been playing all morning. I will knock out a little bit of work and some laundry when he goes down for a nap. He went from one bike to the next this morning. He definitely loves his bikes!

I can’t wait to share all about my race with you on Monday, I feel ready!

Happy Friday, friends!

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