Good runs + Coop’s first snow + nine whole months?!

Rhea and I headed out for a run Monday afternoon while my mom watched Cooper. I hadn’t gotten any miles in in a few days so this one felt amazing.

I had a recovery run with some striders built into the middle. 

We headed to swim Monday afternoon. I tried to give Cooper a little bit of a snack before he swim, but he noticed the phone…

Always camera ready! Ha!

Gosh, I love this kid.

Swim has been rough. He missed about two weeks between having RSV and my work conference, so we are playing catch-up.

He still does the work, but he cries most of the time. I keep reminding myself that it will be so worth it when he gains these life-saving skills.

Jake grilled delicious venison burgers for us Monday night. Coop tried a little bit of the deer meat and loved it.

I woke up to this precious face Tuesday morning.

It snowed Monday night, so I took Coop outside so he could touch snow for the first time before it melted. It didn’t stick around for very long, but he loved it. Jake and I cannot wait to take him to the mountains.

You know you’re a work from home mom when this is your view most days…just hanging out in the nursery, Zoom meeting on the chair, wild child with lots of toys.

When you’re this adorable, you have to get a reallllll good look at yourself.

I have a feeling we will be walking soon. He’s standing up for long periods of time and tries so hard to take steps. GULP.

I headed out for another run Tuesday afternoon once Jake’s sister got to our house to watch Coop. I had an hour in-between two meetings, so I screamed out the door to get my 45 minute run in.

There was a little confusion in the app I use from my coach about paces, so I accidentally ran faster than I was supposed to, but felt surprisingly good. It feels amazing to finally have a solid running base again.

I walked back into the house to this. Cooper is having some pretty bad separation anxiety right now, but he still loved to cuddle his aunt Chelsea while he napped.

I threw my sweaty hair up, and added a headband and some mascara to look a little bit more presentable after my run. I got back with about 10 minutes to spare.

Swim Tuesday night…already not about it the second we walked in the doors.

We had the most amazing dinner last night. Ham roast (my first time cooking one), with potatoes and carrots. SO. Good. And so easy. I did the ham in the crockpot and the potatoes and carrots in the instant pot.

Here’s what I did!

Coop is nine months old! HOW?! I honestly cannot believe it. Babies don’t keep.

My baby at one month. Cue the tears.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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