9 in, 9 out + progress at swim + mom & dad’s first date night!

Someone is pretty excited about being nine months old. It’s amazing to watch him grow and development each day. I feel like he learns new things every single hour.

Nine in and nine out…what a crazy, beautiful journey.

My mini bestie.

Someone started to get upset about swim while we waited for his lesson, but my car keys seemed to provide the perfect distraction.

Coop had his longest float on Wednesday! It was SO cool to watch. He floated on his own for 5-6 seconds. It has been so amazing to watch him learn new skills each week.

We have just about outgrown puréed foods; he is starting to get bored with them. Yumi has been so amazing for when I couldn’t make things on my own. This one was delicious – sweet potato cheesecake.

We slept 12 hours the other day… It was wonderful, but I woke up super disoriented.

Some pre-run snuggles.

I knocked out a 45 minute recovery run plus striders.

Little man snoozed while I ran.

After my run, we both had lunch, and then I knocked out my strength workout. I was cracking up when I saw this picture because it looks like Cooper is also flexing.

We headed to swim last night. I got some good snuggles before his lesson.

After swim, Jake and I got ready for our very first date night since having Coop. We have left him to go on runs together, but we had not gone on an official date night yet. We take Cooper everywhere with us, so it kind of slipped our minds, but we were excited to get a little one on one time together. We went to Wire Road, which is a brewery by Jake’s parents’ house. I nursed Coop right when we got to his parents’ house and then we headed out!

We had a couple of delicious beers and some food from one of the food trucks that was there.

We only checked in on Cooper one time and we got all these pictures. He was obviously living his best life.

We had the best night spending time together. We were only gone from Coop for about two hours, but we knew he was having a blast with Jake’s parents and sister. Thank you to our village! We have the best one. <3

Happy Friday, friends!

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