Weekend Wrap-up: I love to match + poor Coop + trail time!

We had so much fun on Friday. We ran a bunch of errands and grabbed lunch with my family, all while matching. This is the face Cooper makes when I try to match him and he knows he wore it better.

We spent way too long browsing the aisles at Target with my mom, sister, and Kayla, but we had the best time.

I made enchiladas for dinner Friday night. They were delicious and Jake told me they made him want to marry me all over again. HA! They had ground turkey, spicy Rotel, and black beans inside, plus some Mexican chicken seasoning, then I topped them with pepper Jack cheese and green chilli enchilada sauce. So. Good.

Lu is always trying to desperately hide her tennis ball from Rhea. She’s not great at it…

Saturday morning, Jake headed out for a gravel ride and Coop and I went for a run. His little face makes my heart so happy.

We knocked out a 60 minute endurance run. Coop slept for about 40 minutes of it, then talked to me for the last 20.

I wish I knew how many miles we have gotten in together. I love being able to run with Coop. I hope he always wants to run with me, especially when he’s out of the stroller.

After my run, I dropped Coop at my sister’s and headed to a 90-minute massage. It. Was. Incredible. Coop started crying as I walked out the door of my sister’s house, which broke my heart and instantly made me feel guilty for leaving him. I knew my sister could tell I was upset as I left, so I got a text from her maybe a minute later showing her, Coop, and my brother-in-law playing with a big bowl of water and some measuring cups. I know it’s important for me to go do things, but it is so dang hard to leave him, especially when he’s upset. It helps knowing he’s having a good time! Man, mom guilt…it’s tough!

We got all the snuggles in as soon as my massage was over. Jake grabbed Coop after his ride and then I met my guys at home. Coop nursed and immediately fell asleep in my arms. I think he’s teething pretty bad and/or has a little virus. He seemed uncomfortable all weekend and had a fever. I hate seeing him not feel well.

Coop seemed much happier after a good nap, so we ran a few errands Saturday before grabbing dinner with Kayla. We went to Coyote’s for wings and they were so good. Our table was pretty full…so were we. Ha!

Sunday started in the best way…with trail time! I have decided on both my next race AND my big race for the year – I’m going to do a 50k in June! I am stoked, but also nervous. I’m going to get lots and lots of trail time in while I train.

We ran for an hour and talked the entire time. It was the best morning!

(Rewinding a little) Coop slept horribly Saturday night and when I took his temperature, he had a fever of 103. That’s the highest he’s ever had. I gave him some medicine and just laid by him waiting for it to kick in. I couldn’t sleep because I was worried about him, so I think I ended up getting about four hours of sleep. The Tylenol worked and his fever dropped a little, but he still had a slight fever. You could tell he was just so dang miserable. After my run, I called the on-call nurse at our pediatrician’s office to tell her about his fever and rash. She wanted him to be seen, so we go in today. Luckily, he had a much better day yesterday – no more fever and his rash isn’t quite as severe looking, so we’ll see what the doctor says today. Kayla spent most of Sunday with us. Coop loved getting to show her all his toys.

I gave Coop a breastmilk bath to see if that would help his rash a little bit. This kid loves to splash while in the tub.

He got a little fussy after his bath, so we nursed and snuggled. Poor baby.

We had family pictures with Jake’s family Sunday evening. Coop snoozed the entire way, which was good. I’m glad he’s been sleeping a lot and fighting off whatever he has. You could really tell he didn’t feel well at pictures. He didn’t crack a single smile the entire time, which is unusual for our smiley boy. He got his smile back after pictures though and was being such a goofball. It made us happy to see him feeling better.

Coop slept amazing last night and hasn’t had his fever come back, which is great. We are still going to the doctor today to check on him, but I’m thankful he is fever-free right now. We are currently snuggling in the rocker in his nursery.

Happy Monday, friends!

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