Nap time work hustle + my new favorite cleaning item + thankful for our healthy boy

When the babe sleeps, I work! I got all my grading finished when Coop napped Monday morning.

Lunches this week have been amazing and SO simple – salad kits and rotisserie chicken.

I am way too excited about this purchase. I HATE mopping, but this mop makes things so easy. I mopped our whole house in like 15 minutes. Since Coop is on the move 24/7, I want to try and mop a few times a week. With this mop, it can happen.

We had swim Monday night. Someone is getting better with each lesson.

I promise there’s chili under there…

Just a little book reading before bed.

Coop had his nine month check-up Tuesday morning. So thankful for this healthy goofball.

We take bike riding very seriously around here.

Coop’s favorite book – My Lineman, My Daddy, My Hero. <3

I had interval work yesterday. I am still worn out from it. It felt so good to push a little bit.

After my run, it was time for lunch and a little computer work.

Sometimes you just gotta eat chili in the car on the way to swim lessons…don’t recommend.

We sat down to watch Where the Crawdads Sing, but Coop wasn’t about his crib last night, so I told Jake to watch it and I’ll watch it later this week. I LOVED the book and Jake said the movie was great. I can’t wait to watch it!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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