Early morning run fun + holiday party + ready for some relaxation

Sometimes ya just have to take a bathroom selfie. I love this little fuzzy outfit from Baby Gap. It’s so cozy.

I did not feel like running on Wednesday, but I had an afternoon full of meetings, so I hopped on the treadmill while little man played in his activity center.

Like always, I felt so good once I got started. It was a recovery run and my body needed some easy miles. I’ve been sore this week.

My favorite little dude.

Someone pulled a book off his bookshelf and nailed himself in the face. It didn’t even faze him, but it left a pretty big bruise. Poor kid.

Y’all, I did it. I got up at 4:15 and ran at 5am. When my alarm went off, I very much questioned why I was getting up and how I used to get up so early four days a week…BUT, I crawled out of bed and made coffee.

Kayla and Alix joined me for my interval workout and it made my day. It was so much fun to run with friends again. I have missed my girlfriend time.

After my run, I got all bundled up and snuggled with my best dude. I could not get warm after running in the cold that morning.

No shortage of belly rubs around our house. Rhea is the most patient and gentle dog.

Coop had swim yesterday afternoon. He is getting stronger with his floats, but still cries most of the lesson.

Have you seen anything cuter than a baby in a Wrangler onesie??

We headed to our first holiday party last night! Coop got to crash girls’ night and he had the best time. My friend, Adrienne, let us shop her company’s latest collection and it was SO fun!

I am so ready for a relaxing weekend. I want to finish decorating our Christmas tree tonight, too. I love sitting in the dark with only our tree lights on.

Happy Friday, friends!

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