Weekend Wrap-up: Christmas decorations + solo trail time + E’s Christmas program!

We had a full weekend! Jake left Friday afternoon to do an adventure race with his dad in St. Louis. Coop and I were solo until Saturday night, but we managed to fit in lots and lots of fun things. Coop splashed around in the tub Friday afternoon. This kid loooves water.

I finally got our Christmas trees decorated and it makes me so happy. I flocked our tree, which was so fun. I had always wanted to flock a tree and it was much easier than I expected it to be. Also, how sweet is this ornament? It’s my new favorite.

I want to leave a Christmas tree up all year and just keep it decorated for different seasons.

A wild Friday night…sushi delivery and a little tv.

Saturday morning snuggles with my best dude.

I had the WORST cramps Saturday morning and was miserable. I had an hour endurance run to do, but decided to switch it with my shorter recovery run so I could go run trail on Sunday when I felt better. I told myself even a walk was better than nothing. Once I started walking, I felt better (which always happens), so I did a run/walk for the 45 minutes. It felt good to get it knocked out!

All my babies joined me.

Saturday afternoon, we headed to a visitation for my elementary school band director who passed away. He was such an amazing man. Coop fell asleep on the way with toys clutched in his hands.

After the visitation, we headed to Coop’s first birthday party! We didn’t stay very long because someone was getting tired, but it was so fun to celebrate Palmer turning four.

Jake got home late Saturday night. We all slept in Sunday, then mama headed out for some solo trail time.

I was so excited for some trail time.

The weather was perfect. I think I smiled the whole time.

This run made me so excited for my upcoming 25k. I need to get some more trail miles in before my race in January!

Jake made us delicious salads for lunch when I got back from my run. Pickled onions are one of my favorite things.

Sunday evening, we went to watch Eleanor in her first Christmas program. She did SO great. It was adorable to see all the kiddos perform. In this picture, I imagine Coop is saying, “Lord, help me…if this woman takes one more picture of me…” HA!

Happy Monday, friends!

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