Avocado lover + trying to push through + the stomach flu

Someone loves avocado. I’m just not sure if he likes eating it or playing with it the most…

I woke up Thursday not feeling great, but started to feel a bit better as the day went on, so we headed out for my run. It was nap time for little dude, so I was hoping he’d fall asleep while I ran.

Gosh, I love this kid.

Success. He fell asleep about 10 minutes into my run.

I still felt off, so did a run/walk combo to get my miles in.

We got back from my run and played a little and had lunch. I started to feel pretty crummy, so we crawled into bed and I hoped Coop would nap with me. No such luck. This kid is wild!

Coop is pulling himself up on EVERYTHING. He’s about ready to stand on his own. Babies sure don’t keep.

I have the freaking stomach flu. It hit last night. Thankfully, I only got sick a few times. I feel pretty awful this morning, but haven’t been throwing up, so I’ll take it. Jake stayed home to take care of me and Coop. We just lounged and watched some Sesame Street and now Coop and I are about to take a nap. I hope I wake up feeling better! Praying the boys don’t get this.

Happy Friday, friends!

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