Weekend Wrap-up: stomach flu + easy runs + year of races!

Y’all, what a freaking weekend. I got hit with the stomach flu Thursday evening. It was awful and I was terrified of Coop getting it. Thankfully, mine didn’t last very and I woke up feeling slightly better Friday morning. I was hopeful that Coop wouldn’t get it. He got sleepy late Friday morning, so we both crawled into bed for a nap. He slept for about an hour, then woke up and started acting like he wasn’t feeling well. He started throwing up shortly after our nap. It was terrible to watch. I cried the second time he threw up because I knew how awful I felt and I just couldn’t imagine him feeling that bad.

It is the worst seeing your baby miserable. Coop threw up about six times in an hour. I was so worried he’d do that for 24 hours and get super dehydrated. Thank the Lord he only threw up those times. He still had some other flu issues (I’ll spare you the details), but we were giving him water and Pedialyte and I was nursing constantly.

Coop also has had two top teeth pop through with two more on the way. Poor kid can’t catch a break!

Coop took another nap and woke up feeling much better. I was over the moon he seemed to be better. Jake told me once Coop started throwing up, my mom powers took over and it was like I had never been sick. HA! Mom powers are real, friends.

Now we were just praying that Jake wouldn’t get it. It was a nice day, so now that the throwing up was over, we headed outside for a family walk. It was amazing to get outside.

We did a lot of this all weekend. We watched all of 1883, which was SO good.

We also ate so much Ramen.

The good news – I woke up Saturday morning feeling much better. The bad news – Jake started throwing up in the middle of the night Friday. Ugh. He was so miserable. Jake slept most of Saturday. I decided I needed a little bit of movement, so I put Coop in his activity center and hopped on the treadmill for some easy recovery miles. It felt SO good to move.

Coop’s first curl! So. Cute.

We got Lu a new bed and she’s obsessed with it. She also blends into it, so it’s impossible to see her in it when she’s all curled up. Ha!

I felt so bad that Coop had been sick, so I gave him one of his Christmas presents early. He always plays with a baby at my sister’s house, so I wanted to get him his own. Here he is with his baby farmer. He LOVES it. There’s a little magnetic pacifier that came with the baby and Coop loves to pull it off and snap it back on.

Jake woke up feeling much better Sunday morning. YAY! We were all officially on the other side of the dang flu. It was a rough 50ish hours!

Back to our normal things – lots of reading.

Since everyone was feeling better, Jake loaded Coop up on his trailer so they could ride next to me while I ran.

60 minutes of running felt sooooo good.

Jake loaded up my bike on the trailer, so we could ride our bikes home together after my run. It was nice to do a point to point run instead of a loop or an out and back.

Dinner last night was the most delicious bacon cheeseburger, fries, and asparagus. We are all so ecstatic to be feeling better.

This is the year of races for me! I have one coming up January, another in March, one in April, and my big one in June. I’m so excited and can’t wait to knock out some firsts. I am doing my first trail marathon and my first 50k.

Happy Monday, friends!

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