Fun at swim + back at it + I will never stop matching

Anyone else put things away in a closet and then completely forget about them? I am so bad about doing this. My mom had gotten this Busy Town toy at a garage sale and I put it in Cooper’s closet and totally spaced it. I found it Monday afternoon and he was ecstatic. He loves this thing!

This week at swim has been so fun because all the kiddos get to swim with Christmas ornaments! Cooper was over the moon about this.

He loved the ornaments so much that he wanted to hold one while he did his floats. That did not work out too well…and he was pretty upset when he couldn’t keep his ornament with him all the time.

Ornaments and Santa headbands – we love all things Christmas!

I had a major mom fail Monday night at swim. Cooper had a massive blowout on the way to swim, but I hadn’t updated the extra clothes in his diaper bag for a few months. Poor kid had to wear a 3 to 6 month onesie that wouldn’t snap and shorts…my bad. I have since updated the extra clothes in his diaper bag.

Dinner Monday night was leftover burgers with avocado, ranch, and pepper jack cheese. We also had fries and apple sauce on the side.

Coop was up early Tuesday morning, so I made coffee and we moved our snuggling to the couch. This view will never get old.

The sweetest boy.

I hopped on the treadmill for my hour long endurance run Tuesday afternoon. This is my first week back after being sick. I still feel a little bit tired, but other than that, I think I am back to normal. I have five weeks till my next race, so I am ready to get back after it!

After my run, I showered, and then Coop and I camped out on the floor of his room to play.

I love watching him learn and explore. He is getting so good at balancing and can stand for a few seconds on his own.

“That’s what she said” matching shirts? Yes, please. Ha!

Happy Monday, friends!

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