Polar Express + lactate threshold + 10 months!!

My mom got tickets for the Polar Express in Branson Wednesday night. Me, my sister, Cooper, Eleanor, and my mom all went. I don’t know that I’d want to go again, but it was fun to go once.

Cooper’s favorite part was when all the kiddos got their very own silver bells to ring. He shook that dang bell forever.

He was pretty excited to see all the Christmas lights and meet Santa!

We have discovered toilet paper and we love it. Ha!

I love baby wearing. Sometimes it’s the only way I can get anything accomplished around the house. This room will eventually be my office, but for now, it’s a makeshift gym and prep room for all our remodeling projects.

I had a big workout yesterday and I was super nervous about it. My coach has me do lactate threshold tests to see where my fitness is and she uses the data from them to plan out the rest of my training plan. I hadn’t done one since May, when I first got back into running, so I was excited to see how much I’ve improved since getting a more solid base, but I was nervous because they hurt. Bad.

I had a 15 minute warm-up, then the workout, which is 30 minutes, all out but sustained for that amount of time, and a 15 minute cool-down. This is the face of someone who just went all out for 30 minutes, but is so happy to be finished. I couldn’t wait to check my results.

In May, my workout portion, the all out for 30 minutes, was an average of 9:31 per mile. I was disappointed in that at the time, but I didn’t have a solid running base after not running for a year during IVF and a pregnancy, so I figured it was better to start small and build.

Yesterday, I was able to shave off 90 seconds per mile during the workout portion. I was ecstatic about this. I averaged 8:10, which is a huge improvement from my 9:30s in May.

After my run, we went to swim. Coop has two weeks off now, so we’ll how things go when he starts back up again after the new year.

We always nurse in the car after his lesson.

After swim, Jake and I did our strength workouts together and then headed to Great Escape for the MORC holiday party.

My boys. <3

My baby is ten months old today. I cannot believe it. I want to freeze time.

Happy Friday, friends!

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