Weekend Wrap-up: graduation fun + long day in the car + this is so fun!

We had a BUSY, fun weekend. On Friday, Jake’s sister graduated, then on Saturday, I had to be in Little Rock to work graduation, and on Sunday, we got to celebrate Jake’s sister again at her graduation party.

I still can’t believe our main man is ten months old. Time is going by way too quickly. Way. Too. Quickly.

Coop holding his sloth’s hand. So sweet. This kid is such a lover.

Coop passed out at Chelsea’s graduation. He’s the cutest little sleeper.

We’re so proud of Aunt Chelsea!

This kid makes my heart so happy.

It was so dang cold and windy on Friday.

Friday night, we took Chelsea and her boyfriend out for dinner to celebrate her graduating. We had the most delicious sushi.

Saturday morning, Jake, Coop, and I hopped in the car and headed to Little Rock so I could work graduation. I’m so thankful my boys went with me. Since we went down and back on Saturday, it was almost eight hours in the car. It would have felt like a wasted day if we hadn’t all gotten to spend time together. Coop was a trooper and never got fussy. He either slept, ate, or played in his car seat. SO thankful he’s good in the car.

I’ll never get tired of wearing my cap and gown. Every time I put them on, I remember my doctoral graduation and how special it was.

I always love getting to spend time with my amazing colleagues.

I got these adorable pictures from Jake while he and Coop were out exploring while I was at graduation.

After graduation, Jake picked me up and we grabbed a beer and a snack before hitting the road for home.

We shared this deliciousness and it was SO good.

We got home Saturday night about 8:15pm. We crawled into bed as soon as we got home. Sunday morning, we both had long runs. Jake got up early and headed to some local trail to run for two hours. As soon as he got home, I headed out for my own run.

I ended with 8.5 miles for the day. This run felt really good until the last 20 minutes. I forgot to bring water with me and I think my body was worn out from being in the car the day before. I slowed my pace down and just kept moving until I hit my 90-minutes.

After my run, I showered and got ready for Chelsea’s graduation party. Ya gotta love that postpartum hair loss and regrowth…HA!

I haven’t wanted to buy more jeans, but I was tired of wearing the only two that fit. I tried some pre-pregnancy jeans on and they fit! I sm excited to have more options. They’re tight, but I was able to get them on.

All ready to head to Chelsea’s graduation party.

When your baby notices your earrings…Coop is notorious for ripping out my earrings. I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to wear these, but he forgot about them.

The way he’s looking at me. The sweetest boy in the world.

We loved getting to celebrate you, Chelsea!! We love you!

I love Christmas time.

The best kind of Sunday night? Yellowstone!

Happy Monday, friends!

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