Santa!! + ouch + presents!

This kid lays in the goofiest positions. I found him like this in his little vibrating chair after he woke up from a nap. I couldn’t stop laughing.

It has been cold and windy here all week and is supposed to get much worse. We bundled up and headed outside for my run on Tuesday.

I am so thankful I have the option to stroller run. Otherwise, fitting in some of my runs would be very tricky.

Lunches this week are a mixture of rice, veggies, and chicken. I topped everything with a little bit of mozzarella cheese and some sweet Thai chili sauce. They are delicious and so easy to make! I’ve also been trying to finish off our leftover crab Rangoon. Yum.

Monday night was so fun. We headed to Bass Pro for Cooper to meet Santa!

Jake and I were taking bets on whether or not he would cry. He wasn’t super happy about sitting on Santa‘s lap, but he never cried. He just kept this permanent frown on his face.

Here’s a poorly taken picture of the professional photo they gave us.

I sure do love Christmas time with my guys.

Coop also wasn’t a huge fan of the carousel. I bet next year he will love that a little bit more.

He was a big fan of this little camp chair. I think we need to get him his own chair. He has also started clapping, which is so adorable. Every time he does something new, I get so excited and so emotional at the same time. He is growing up so quickly.

I had a tough workout run yesterday. All of my paces are much faster now since my new lactate threshold test. I dropped Cooper off at my sister’s while I did this interval workout. I ended with nine miles for the day. My fast portions needed to be between 7:00 and 7:45…they definitely hurt.

I had the same lunch after my run. So. Good.

Little man wanted to be held most of the day yesterday, so we did lots of snuggling. Sometimes I feel like I am only able to get 50% of my projects finished. I will start on something and then Cooper will want me or something else will come up, so I stop what I’m doing and start on something else. It just feels like an endless cycle of never completely finishing something 100%. Ha! I am so thankful I have this next month off of work.

I usually have all of our presents wrapped at least a week before Christmas, so I’m a little bit behind schedule, but I managed to get a few of them wrapped last night. I just love seeing the tree with everything underneath it. I’m hoping I can finish wrapping today!

Dinner last night was enchiladas from Sam’s. I had been wanting to try some of their premade family meals. These were amazing!

I have a rest day today and I am so thankful. My body is worn out from yesterday! we have a few errands to run, and then I hope to finally finish some of the projects I started yesterday… We’ll see how the day goes.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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