Family day + wild man + getting back into a routine

Since Jake was off work Monday, we got some good family cuddles in bed before starting our day. Coop looooved it.

This is how we have to change this wild man’s diapers. He tries to flip over, sit up, stand up, any of it. I’ve had to take down decorations above his changing table because he was pulling them off the wall. HA!

One of my favorite ornaments. His hand is so perfect.

When the cold from that frozen breastmilk popsicle hits…

Aunt Cassie came over again before she left town. Coop loves her. He would wave at her every 10 seconds. No joke. Then he would smile and tuck his head. Such a little flirt. We miss you already, Cass!!

Huge thank you to our sweet friend, Bettina, for this adorable onesie. She’s so talented!

Just brushing our teeth while mom folds laundry.

Coop thinks bath time is the best time. Why is he so big?! Ugh. My heart.

Time to baby proof…

Projects take a little longer with a 10 month old around, but I finally finished one of our dressers. We have a gold mirror in our room and are getting new bedside tables and I want to put gold mirrors above them, so I’m replacing the silver hardware on our dressers with gold. One down, one to go.

I finally got a little bit of meal prep knocked out. Breakfast this week is a casserole with chicken sausage, eggs, hash browns, and cheese.

Lunch is spaghetti squash casserole with sausage, Rotel, and cheese. The name of the game is quick and easy around here.

This is how I got most of my work accomplished yesterday.

I have a recovery week this week. I’m so thankful! I headed out for my miles when Jake got home from work. It was still a little slick out, so I’m glad I had an easy run.

After my run, I made dinner. This was delicious. Ground turkey, sweet potato, zucchini, and Parmesan cheese. So easy and lots of leftovers. Yes, please.

We topped it with sriracha mayo and added a salad. SO good.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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