Entertains himself + recovery miles + our favorite lineman

I will never not love a good contact nap.

I had a recovery run Wednesday afternoon. Cooper had just taken a super long nap and wanted to play, so I scratched the idea of running outside since he’d have to be in his stroller. He played for 30 minutes in his activity center and then played for another 15 minutes in his pack ‘n play. He never once complained or fussed. I love that he is so content to entertain himself. Don’t get me wrong, he definitely has moments where he refuses to let me set him down, but he also does a really great job playing on his own. I love watching his little mind work.

I finished watching Where the Crawdads Sing while I ran. I loved the book so much. I think they did a great job with the movie, too!

I got lots of waves while I ran.

This kid sure loves to wave. It’s so precious. He has four different waves and it’s so cute when he switches between them.

My mom texted me and said she needed a Coop fix, so she came over for a couple of hours on Thursday. The second she got here, I started vacuuming and mopping. I vacuumed and mopped our house in record time. After that, I got ready to go run. I was already sweaty and kind of out of breath from cleaning so quickly, ha! I had one more recovery run for the week. The weather was incredible.

After my run, we all grabbed lunch with my dad, sister, and Eleanor at Galloway. I had the Red Bird and it was delicious.

After lunch, we stopped by to see our favorite lineman. Jake was super busy, so we just watched him work for a little bit. He makes us so proud.

This week has flown by. I can’t believe tomorrow is NYE. I hope everyone has a wonderful night and is safe! I have a feeling we will be in bed before 10…

Happy Friday, friends!

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