Weekend Wrap-up: friend fun + trail date + NYE!

What a fun-filled weekend! Friday morning started with a little bit of playtime in Coop’s nursery. He is getting so close to being able to stand on his own.

Then we met Mel and Declan for coffee late Friday morning. It was SO good to see these two! These two cute boys are about five weeks apart. I cannot believe we both have almost one year olds…this year has flown by.

After coffee, it was back home to snuggle and do a little reading together. Cooper has started handing me books and crawling into my lap. It is my favorite thing ever.

This is how a lot of my meals are eaten…on the floor of Coop’s room sneaking bites in-between playing.

My favorite boy!

Our friends, Scott and Caitlin, were in town for a few days, and it was so amazing to get to see them and catch up. We love you two so much!

Saturday morning started with a trail date for us! My sister watched Cooper while we ran at Busiek. I was reminded that I am not in trail running shape…yikes. I have some work to do before my 25k in a couple weeks.

I failed to get a picture of the whole group, but our friends, Kallie and Coty came over to ring in the new year. None of us had planned to stay up until midnight, but the next thing we knew it was 11pm. Even Cooper stayed up! We couldn’t believe it. We kept trying to get him to go to sleep, but he didn’t want to miss out on any of the fun. It was such a fun night!! I think I’m still tired from staying up so late. So. Worth. It.

One of my favorite new year traditions is going to the mug club member brunch at Brew Co. Last year at brunch, Coop was in my belly. It is crazy how much can change in a year!

After brunch, we came back home and were all tired. Jake fell asleep on the couch and Cooper and I laid down in bed to try and nap. Someone was not about taking a nap, so we went into his room and I laid on the floor while he played.

Coop finally wore myself out from playing, so we got a little nap in yesterday. When we woke up, I headed out for my run. First run of the new year!

We met our friends, Chris and Brittany, for dinner last night. Jett and Coop are little besties. This picture of them sucking on limes cracks me up.

I am going to put away our Christmas stuff today. I always get a little sad when New Year’s is over because it means the holiday season is over. I love how cozy all of our Christmas decorations make our house feel. The next big thing we will be celebrating is Cooper’s first birthday! Excuse me, while I go cry about that…

Happy Monday, friends!

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