Enthused about food! + when things don’t go as planned + sprinkle time!

We get pretty enthusiastic about food around here. This week, Cooper has loved pumpkin bread, ground turkey, and avocado.

This kid is such a ham. I love his goofy little personality.

We headed out for a recovery run Wednesday afternoon. Coop did not want to be anywhere, but in my arms Wednesday, so I figured getting outside would be good for us. He LOVES being outside.

I used to dislike recovery runs and now I love them so much. It is nice to be forced to slow down and let your body relax a little bit. I have started listening to podcasts during my recoveries and it is so nice. Coop fell asleep the second we started and snoozed the entire hour.

Dinner Wednesday night was this delicious chicken sandwich with a salad. I named the chicken sandwich the Chel Bird, which is after the Red Bird, one of our favorite meals at Galloway. I put some super spicy seasonings on each chicken breast before putting them in the oven, then doused them with barbecue sauce before putting them on a Hawaiian bun. YUM.

Thursday morning started with a little bit of book time. Coop gave lots of kisses to his favorite book, The Pout Pout Fish.

I am throwing a sprinkle for my sister on Saturday. I can’t believe my new niece will be here next month! Someone didn’t want to nap anywhere but my arms, so I put him in the ErgoBaby and he snoozed while I made some stuff for the shower.

Once he woke up, it was time for lunch. He had more ground turkey and avocado, and was pretty dang excited about it.

Mom life – Your kid gets ground turkey and avocado, and you have random leftover lunch meat on a hotdog bun…ha! We have a bunch of leftover hotdog buns from New Year’s Eve, so we are trying to eat them up.

Coop graduated from four day a week swim lessons and is now at two days a week. I think we only have one or two more weeks of the two days a week and then he will just go once a week. He needs to do a two minute float and then a clothing test, which is where he has to get into his float while fully clothed. It has been so amazing to watch him progress each week.

Cooper hasn’t been sleeping great and I thought it was teething, but it has lasted for about three days and his gums don’t look like there’s a tooth about to pop through, so I started to think maybe he had an ear infection. I called his pediatrician on our way to swim, and they had an opening right after his lesson, so we rushed there once he got changed into dry clothes. Good news – no ear infection and no strep, but our doctor wants me to keep an eye on him and let her know if he seems to get worse. He slept better last night, so maybe it is just teething!

The LAST thing I wanted to do last night was my run. Since we went to the doctor, it was muuuuch later than I had planned. We got home from the doctor and Cooper needed to be fed and then I needed to nurse him so I could run. By the time I was getting on the treadmill, it was after 6 PM. I cannot tell you the last time I knocked out a run that late. Coop usually goes to bed between seven and 7:30, so I wasn’t sure how things would go. I had an interval workout, and was able to get all of it in, but cut my cool down short by 15 minutes because dinner was ready and I was super hungry, but I was proud of myself for getting it in when I didn’t want to. I was worn out after!

I wanted to be between 7:30 and 8 for my 3:00 pushes. I was pretty dang close for all five of them.

After my run, Jake and I ate super quickly, then I got Coop and myself ready for bed. I wasn’t ready to go to sleep, but Coop is sleeping with us right now, so I poured a glass of wine and grabbed my iPad and AirPods. I nursed Cooper and he fell asleep, and then I watched an episode of Ginny and Georgia while enjoying my wine. Mom-hack – the iPad and AirPods are perfect for when you want to watch something in bed, but not disrupt your sleeping baby. Jake and I have even watched episodes together. It is so nice!

We have a fun weekend planned! It starts today with meeting some girlfriends for a beer.Some of my family from out of town is coming to my sister’s shower tomorrow and I cannot wait to see them!

Happy Friday, friends!

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