Weekend Wrap-up: high school friends + baby shower fun + my highest mileage week!

We had another fun-filled weekend. I got to spend time with some girlfriends that I went to high school with, then we celebrated my sister and my new niece that should be here next month (wahooooo!!), and we got lots of family time in. Coop started off the weekend with his favorite thing – a bath Friday morning!

Friday afternoon, we headed to 4 By 4 for some girl time. It was so wonderful to get to catch up with these gals!

Anyone else love the snacks you get for your kids? We got these peanut butter puffs for Coop and he loves them. But I also reallllllly love them and can’t stop snacking on them…

Saturday morning started with a long run with Kayla. We talked the entire 90 minute run and I quickly realized I am not in talking shape while running. HA! Since I am currently doing most of my runs solo, I don’t talk while I run anymore. Rhea and I loved having Kayla’s company!

After our run, I got cleaned up and finished getting things set up for hosting a sprinkle for my sister. we had these adorable donuts and donut holes. My mom also made a charcuterie board.

We had cranberry mimosas, which were delicious.

As the sprinkle was ending, I found this massive bowl of fruit in the fridge that I had put together that morning…Whoops! I can’t believe I forgot about it. Looks like we’ll be having lots of fruit this week!

It was so fun to celebrate my baby sister! I cannot wait to meet my newest, sweet niece.

This is my Godmother, Elaine. I call her my Fairy Godmother. She’s the sweetest!

We love you Piper and baby Ford!

Coop is looking at me like, wait, I’m not going to be the baby anymore??

So thankful for all the amazing women in our lives! Piper and I are definitely stuffing our faces with donuts in this picture…

Shenanigans with my best girl.

I got Eleanor this big sister sash to wear during the shower. She preferred it tied in a bow around her neck. She’s hilarious.

Saturday night, we grabbed a quick dinner with Jake’s parents and then came home and crawled into bed because we were all so exhausted. Sunday morning, I helped a new friend with a photo shoot and then ran a couple of errands with Coop. Jake worked most of the day Sunday, so we didn’t get to see him as much as we would have liked. About 2 PM on Sunday, I chugged some pre-workout and made myself get out for my last run of the week. The weather was amazing.

I ended with a little bit over 38 miles for the week. I have not logged that kind of weekly mileage since before I got pregnant. I felt pretty strong all week, but I am definitely thankful for my rest day today.

Jake got home from work and ran from the house with Rhea to surprise me and Cooper and run the rest of my run with me. It made me so happy to see them!

We went to dinner at Jake’s parents’ last night and it was delicious as always. We are all sad that we have to wait until this summer for more Yellowstone episodes to come out.

Coop sure loves to play with his Ganny! He kept giving that Rody Pony kisses. It was adorable. Coop also started saying ‘Dada’ last night! He has said ‘Mama’ for months, but would giggle when we tried to get him to say Dada. It’s so cute when he says it!

Someone was still snoozing at 8:45 this morning. He’s the cutest sleeper and loves to snuggle.

When he finally woke up, he was full of smiles. I guess he needed a little bit extra sleep!

Happy Monday, friends!

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