Air Fryers are awesome + making it work + swim fun!

I had a recovery run scheduled for Wednesday, so Coop and I headed out and enjoyed the sunshine. I listened to an amazing podcast on the Ali on the Run Show all about Molly Huddle coming back from having a baby. It was SO good and just what I needed to hear after feeling really tired this week.

The biggest blessing in the whole world.

I was so hungry and lunch was so good that I forgot to take a picture until I had one bite left…this chicken enchilada rice casserole has been wonderful this week.

Later in the day, we headed out to swing while we waited for Jake to get home from work.

I tried something new this week, and it was amazing – pork chops in the Air Fryer. I found a recipe for them on Pinterest and holy cow (holy pork? Ha!), they were amazing.

My current favorite way to cook veggies is with ghee, whatever frozen veggies you want, a bunch of Cavendar’s seasoning, and then top it with cheese. It’s incredible.

I had a little bit of work I wanted to knock out Wednesday evening, so after dinner, I made myself a skinny margarita and got to work while the boys played in Cooper’s room.

I had two visitors while I was working. Cooper is just about able to ride this little bike on his own. It’s so cute.

When I finished up with my work, I walked in on this sight. So sweet.

Coop is a big fan of Galloway, just like his parents.

We have been working on Coop taking more naps in his crib. He has done a really great job this week. He will only nap about 20 to 30 minutes in here, but he is making progress!

While he napped, I got things ready to hop on the treadmill once he was up.

Mom-life training – all the distractions for baby.

I have a 25k next Saturday! I’m so excited. And nervous. I haven’t gotten the trail time I would’ve liked, but I know I’ll have a blast exploring some new trail.

I had an interval workout yesterday. It was hard, but felt better than it did last week.

I ended with a little over seven miles for the day.

Cholula > any other hot sauce.

Coop did a 30 second float at swim last night. I am so proud of him!

Dinner last night was another pork chop in the Air Fryer with my favorite brussels on the side. YUM.

Happy Friday, friends!

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