Weekend Wrap-up: girls’ night + a little getaway + 11 months?!

A little weekend wrap up coming at ya on a Tuesday! We had a super fun weekend that ended with a little getaway down to Arkansas, so I did not get to my blog yesterday. But, before I jump into our little trip, let’s rewind to Friday morning. Looking at these nursing eyes will never get old.

A lot of things are pretty easy to do while baby wearing. Mopping the floors is not one of them…ha!

Trying to get a picture of our matching shirts when one of us is not interested at all. Unsuccessful.

Friday night, we had a super fun girls’ night at my house. Kayla and I made a specialty cocktail called the Chayla (Chelsea + Kayla). It was delicious.

Gal pals and babies! We had SO. Much. Fun. And we stayed up way too late.

Coop is his happiest after having pulled every book off of his shelf.

Crib naps are still going strong! They are short, but they’re happening.

After the late night we had with our girls’ night, getting up early to run on Saturday did not happen. I am dedicated to my training right now, so I knew I would get the run in, I just had no idea when it would happen. Jake had a two hour gravel ride with a group that he knocked out in the early afternoon. Once he got home, I chugged some pre-workout, grabbed my iPad, and hopped on the treadmill. I had a two hour run to knock out, but I really just wanted to binge Ginny and Georgia, so it worked out perfectly. Netflix and treadmill!

I ended with about 12 miles for the day. I have not done a long run like this on the treadmill in a long time. I watched two and a half episodes of Ginny and Georgia, too. It was so relaxing.

We were craving pizza for dinner Saturday night. We called to place an order from one of our favorite places, but they were not doing takeout orders anymore, so we ran to the store and got a frozen pizza and a salad kit. it ended up being perfect. And way cheaper!

Sunday morning started with a little car trip down to the Fayetteville area. I got to join my running coach for a trail run and we had so much fun. We got seven miles for the day and talked the entire time.

After my run, we met our friend, Alex, at the Fossil Cove brewery for a beer. It was so amazing to catch up with her! Alex is training for her first hundred this year and we cannot wait to watch her crush it.

After the brewery, we headed back to my coach’s house. Fun fact, my coach’s husband, coaches Jake. It is always so fun when we can all get together. Coop loves their kiddos so much. He and Abbie had so much fun playing together. Abbie got a new baby for Christmas and named it Baby Coop. She’s precious!

Monday morning, we woke up to an 11 month old. I am not okay. I love watching him grow, but it is going by way too fast.

We headed to Bentonville to grab something to eat at Pressroom, one of our favorite places in the area.

My handsome lunch date.

We had really been in the mood for brunch, but they only have brunch on the weekends and we kept forgetting it was Monday. Their lunch was just as delicious!

The happiest boy with his water cup.

After lunch, we headed for home, but made a little pitstop to let Rhea run around before being in the car for a few hours. Lu stayed with my parents since she is all healed up from her leg stuff, but can’t hike or run long distances right now.

I love adventures with my little family.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! I honestly do not understand how we are going to have a one year old next month. These past 11 months have been the most incredible months of my life. Copper Ray, you’re the absolutely the most special thing in the whole world.

“What do you mean I’m almost one?!”

We got back into town, picked up Lu, and then Jake took Coop to his swim lesson. This was the first lesson I have missed since we started them, but I really wanted to get some meal prep knocked out. Easy meals this week – salad kits and tuna for lunches, plus chips on the side. I also got a couple loads of laundry, washed while they were gone and made dinner.

Dinner was also easy, BLTs and my favorite brussels.

Today is my first day back to work after five weeks off. Today is also the day that our new part-time nanny starts! She is amazing and I know Coop is going to love playing with her for a few hours while I work. She isn’t here very long during the day, but I think having a couple hours of uninterrupted work time a few times a week will be really good for me.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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