Working lunch + my last workout of the week + race week!

Someone napped for a whole ten minutes in his crib yesterday. He woke up and started playing with his stuffed animals. He played for another 20 minutes before he wanted me to get him out of the crib.

Nothing like a little working lunch to kick off jumping back into work after five weeks off. I don’t have any meetings this week, which is nice. I kind of get to ease into things this week.

Once Jake got home from work, I headed out for my interval run. This was my last workout before my race this weekend.

Jake also had a workout run, so we timed it out to do a stroller trade off. I did my warm-up to the track, knocked out my workout portion, then took over stroller duty. Jake ran to the track with the stroller for his warm-up, then he started his workout portion once we traded. Teamwork makes the dream work! This was my face after my intervals almost killed me.

That workout was tough. I had four three minute vo2 max pushes. My paces needed to be between 6:56 and 7:30. I managed to hit them, but definitely started off too quickly and had to slow down for the last three. I’m excited to do this workout again and see if I can go a little faster.

Knocked out my workout run, my strength session, and then we started to make dinner.

Dinner last night was super simple and crazy delicious. Ground beef and black bean quesadillas. They were so good! I think this dinner was made and ready to eat in under 20 minutes.

A little play time after breakfast with Coop’s puppy. Rhea does so well with him. Lu does too, but she typically runs away from him whereas Rhea lets him climb all over her.

I have a 25k this weekend and I’m so excited. It’ll be my longest run since having Coop…and since IVF and getting pregnant, soooo, my longest run in quite awhile.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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