Rough week + so delicious + race time!

Lots of contact naps this week. Coop has had kind of a hard week. I think he’s teething and it’s been rough. Poor baby.

When you just need five minutes to eat lunch…thankful this kid loves to play in his crib.

We also did bath time to see if it would make little man feel better. He LOVES baths.

More snuggles while chewing on a teething toy. This little thing vibrates and Coop loves it. It must feel really good on his sore gums. I hate teething.

Recovery miles while we waited for Jake to get home from work.

Dinner Wednesday night was another ground beef and black bean quesadilla. YUM.

I had a busy day Thursday. I didn’t take a single picture until Thursday evening. Ha! We had some family time in the sunroom. Jake worked on bike stuff, I ran, and Coop just chilled.

I knocked out a 45 minute recovery run while finishing up Ginny & Georgia.

Dinner last night was venison sloppy Joes, peas, and avocado. It was so delicious. Pea hack – cook them in coconut aminos. It’s a amazing.

Coop got to enjoy some, too!

I don’t normally pat myself on the back, but I created the most amazing snack. Ruffles, Greek yogurt with ranch seasoning, tons of Cholula, and avocado. YUM. Do yourself a favor and make this. You’re welcome.

This kid doesn’t eat a ton of food during the day, but he chows down at dinner.

Look Ma, no hands!!!

Coop loved his peas and sloppy Joe meat.

It’s tricky getting packed with an 11 month old who doesn’t want to be set down…thank goodness for baby wearing. We leave for AR as soon as Jake gets home from work.

My race is tomorrow!! I’m pumped. I can’t wait to share all about the race on Monday.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Friday, friends!

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