Weekend Wrap-up: balance + my first postpartum 25k + Cowboys fun

What. A. Weekend. I am still exhausted and crazy sore, but it was so wonderful to get away with Jake and Coop and spend some time on beautiful trail. Before we left town Friday, I made pasta for us to eat for dinner.

After I made our dinner, Coop and I had lunch. Leftover Sloppy Joes, peas, and chips.

Coop is crazy about peas right now.

We spent most of Friday packing and trying to get ready to leave. Once Jake got home from work, he loaded up the car, we ate dinner, and then we hit the road!

Coop chowed down on some of the pasta we had and he loved it. This was his first time having pasta.

Full bellies and ready for a little trip!

I love how much this kid loves books. He read one for about 20 minutes in the car. He is starting to really study the pictures on the pages. It’s so cute.

We made it to Mountain Home, which is where my race was, a little after 8pm. Coop decided he didn’t want to sleep that night, so he and I were up every 30-60 minutes. It was rough. My race didn’t start until 9am, which was nice because we were able to lounge in bed a little bit, but I was so exhausted. While I started to get ready, the boys snuggled in bed. I walked out of the bathroom to this. How precious is that?

Y’all, racing with a baby can be tricky. This was our first out of town race for me, so we definitely didn’t know what to expect and we have some things to learn. We got the race start about 10 minutes before it started, ha! Everything just takes a little bit longer than you’d expect. It was slightly hectic running around, but we made it work! I grabbed my bib and then nursed Coop right before I headed to the start line. I was hoping I could get through the whole race without using my manual pump, so I tried to nurse as close to starting as I could.

Here we go! I was excited, but also just so dang tired and we hadn’t even started running yet.

Thankful for my people.

Jake was super dad all weekend. We took the dogs with us, too, so he hiked all over the place with Coop and the girls so they could see me on the course. I LOVED getting to see them.

My best boys.

Jake snapped some cool pictures on the course while he hiked around. I was too focused on not dying to take pictures. This race was HARD. And since I was so sleep deprived, I just had nothing left in my tank. I wanted to quit the entire time. The. Entire. Time. I finally texted Jake after about an hour and told him I was exhausted and didn’t know how I was going to be able to keep going. I was almost in tears. He told me to slow down and just enjoy being out there. That helped me. Then, the next time I saw him, he told me how hard the course was. That was all I needed to hear. It WAS hard and it helped me get out of my negative space to have that acknowledged. The course was literally either straight up or straight down. No flats. It was brutal and I was not prepared for that. But it sure was pretty!

I never really hit my groove during this race. The last four miles were good, but the other ten-ish were so hard. My legs were toast and my back was killing me. I have a lot of work to do – both physically and mentally – but I didn’t quit and that’s a step in the right direction!

I was so excited to cross the finish line.

I didn’t have to stop and use my pump at all, but I was very ready to nurse Coop when I finished. It’s tricky to be a breastfeeding mom and race longer distances.

I ended up finishing in three hours and seventeen minutes and snagged third in my age group. Coop was pretty excited about the wooden medals we got.

This boy tried pizza for the first time after the race and loved it.

We hung out and sipped some beer while cheering on finishers before heading for home. Once we got back into town, we grabbed dinner and then lounged on the couch and watched A Knight’s Tale. It was so nice to relax.

Sunday morning started with a little play time and bike riding while Jake knocked out a long run.

I totally planned to nap with little man when he went down for his morning nap, but I couldn’t fall asleep, so I just soaked up the snuggles and binged The Office.

Once Jake got home from his run, I knocked out meal prep. Breakfast burritos and orange chicken bowls for lunch.

Then we all got ready to go watch the Cowboys play at Jake’s parents’ house. Why does my baby look like he’s 16?

The best boy.

Jake’s parents got us new jerseys and we were all excited to wear them.

Coop wanted to take his bike with us. He will grab his helmet and hold it up to us when he wants to ride. It’s adorable.

Happy Monday, friends!

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