I hate teething + first run back + another delicious AirFryer recipe

Teething is the worst. I hate it. So does this dude. We’ve been getting in lots of cuddles whenever he doesn’t feel well.

These orange chicken bowls have been delicious for lunch this week. They’re so easy to throw together. Microwaveable rice and quinoa, frozen veggies, chicken, and orange sauce. I also top mine with Sriracha mayo. So. Delicious.

My sweet boy.

I love when he lounges like this. He doesn’t sit still very often…

This week has been busy. I’ve had lots of computer work, so I’ve spent most of my days knocking that out. Our new part-time nanny has been such a huge help. Coop loves her and I love hearing them play together. She comes four days a week for about three hours at a time. I’m amazed at how much I’m able to accomplish with all that uninterrupted time. She doesn’t come until the afternoon, so we get lots of morning play time in. Coop loves to rock things on the chair in his nursery.

Still working on crib naps over here. Now to start working on nights in the crib…I know we will all sleep better, but I’m having a hard time giving up our night time snuggles.

After Coop’s nap, we played in the bathtub for a little bit. I think his hair is almost too long for mohawks now…it kept falling over to the side.

Lunch time – Coop had chicken, veggies, and pasta.

I had another orange chicken bowl. YUM.

I had a recovery run yesterday. It was my first run back after my 25k. My body feels really good! My quads are still sore, but that’s about the only soreness I have.

Jake hopped on the treadmill after me to knock out his 90 minute workout run. Coop and I played in his room and then started on dinner.

I made steak bites in the Air Fryer. They were delicious! We also had veggies and garlic bread

My mom is having knee replacement surgery today, so if you get a chance, please pray for a speedy recovery and/or send her healing vibes. Thank you!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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