Our little climber + stroller tempo run + date night!

I have had this snack every day for the past two weeks. It’s just that good! Plain Greek yogurt, frozen berries, rolled oats, honey, and chia seeds. The berries make everything a little frozen. It’s delicious. And super filling.

Jake’s sister watched Coop for me for a few hours on Wednesday so I could work a little bit. Our nanny is on spring break this week, and my spring break isn’t until next week, so our families have stepped in to help with Coop. I appreciate them so much! I chowed down on lunch while I worked.

Once Chelsea left, Coop and I lounged on the couch and napped together. His snuggles are the best.

Coop has started climbing on everything. Everything!! He gets so proud when he gets to the top and can sit or stand. I think we need to put him in a helmet all the time. Ha!

I had an awful migraine Wednesday evening, so I headed out for a short walk rather than my recovery run. The idea of running made my head pound even worse, so we just got outside for a little bit and then I made dinner before Coop went to bed.

I love 10 minute dinners. Ground beef with garlic and coconut aminos, cauliflower rice, and salad. YUM.

Breakfast Thursday morning – waffles, fruit, and cheesy eggs. Mmmm. If it has peanut butter on it, Coop will devour it.

I had another tempo run, so we headed out early to try and beat the rain that was supposed to hit us. I tried to time it out so Coop could nap while I ran.

He is already waaaay cooler than I am.

Coop snoozed for about 45 minutes of my 90-minute run. Tempo runs are definitely a little trickier pushing the stroller, but we got it in. And we beat the rain! Win-win.

I ended with 8.5 miles for the day. I was worn out after this run! Very thankful for a rest day today.

Lunch was another delicious bowl with rice, chicken, veggies, teriyaki sauce, cheese, and spicy Bang Bang sauce.

Coop woke up from his nap still sleepy, so he passed back out on me while we snuggled.

See? He’s climbing on EVERYTHING. Help.

Just two besties watching the rain.

Thursday night is always our family date night out on the town. Last night, we went to Galloway for dinner. I failed to get a picture before we started inhaling our food, but everything was so delicious. Coop had his first corn dog and LOVED it.

One of our first dates was at Galloway. <3

Playtime after dinner before little man went to bed last night. He is on the go 24/7.

The sweetest smooches in the whole world. Don’t mind our blanket over the window…ha! Coop’s blackout curtains will be hung tonight!

When you really need to go to the bathroom, but your kid is already eating breakfast…and you have anxiety about choking…you bring the eating baby with you! HA! Mamas, you get me?

Happy Friday, friends!

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