I forgot…+ bummer news + Coop’s smile is my fave

Y’all, I forgot about my blog until just now! HA! It’s been a busy day and it just slipped my mind. Let’s chat about the past few days – I got some runs in. My Wednesday run felt pretty decent, but I can tell my body is still trying to recover from being sick for 10-ish days.

Coop snoozed most of my run.

Dinner Wednesday night was one of my favorites – ground beef, rice, broccoli, and goat cheese with coconut aminos. So tasty. It also makes really great leftovers.

If you ask Cooper to smile, he flashes the cutest little smile your way. It’s my new favorite thing. How is he so amazing?

I had a tempo run Thursday, so I headed out during Coop’s nap time. It worked perfectly because he snoozed most of the 90 minute run, but my run was ROUGH. I just feel so weak from being sick. I talked to my coach after this workout and we decided I’m going to skip my marathon next weekend. We both thought it would be smarter to focus on getting totally healthy rather than pushing my body for that race since it isn’t my A-race for the year. I’m bummed, but know it’s definitely the smartest move.

Coop wanted out of the stroller with about half a mile left in my run, so we finished my run like this…ha! I was huffing and puffing walking up the hills to our house.

I ended with 7.5 miles for the day.

Thank you, Taking Cara Babies, for helping this mama get such solid sleep! Coop is sleeping from 7 PM until 6 AM every night. It is amazing.

We got some Jeep time in on Thursday, too.

When Jake got home from work, he mowed our yard. Cooper was pretty excited about watching him.

The sweetest boy in the whole world.

I love Thursday nights. We had our family date night at home with delicious Thai from Everyday Thai. It hit the spot.

Little man got some good bike riding in after dinner before bed.

I failed to get a better picture of us, but yesterday we celebrated our seven year dating anniversary! Love you, Jacob Ray!

We ran some errands this morning and matched in our plaid.

Coop took a little over an hour long nap in the car, so I drove around to let him sleep. He needed a solid nap!

I stopped by the house to grab lunch, which I also ate in the car while he napped. Mom life!

Poor Coop and Jake both caught whatever sickness I had, but thankfully, both of them seem to have a more mild case. Coop and I played outside for a little bit to enjoy the sunshine. He had more fun than his face shows…

Happy Friday, friends!

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