All the outside time + stroller naps + taco Tuesday!

We have spent our days outside this week. I wish we had this weather year-round! It’s so amazing.

We are still going to swim once a week. Coop loves the water but doesn’t love working on his floats.

These magnetic animals are so perfect for whenever I need to get some things accomplished in the kitchen.

Dinner Monday night took 10 minutes to throw together. Leftover tri-tip, fried rice, and noodles, plus a salad.

Jake headed into work as soon as we finished eating, so Coop and I played in his room before bed.

After Coop went to bed, I knocked out some meal prep for the week. Lunches are chicken and veggie bowls with fried rice and cheese.

I also made some steel cut oats for Jake. Coop and I make eggs and waffles for breakfast, so I don’t prep anything for us.

Coop is still requesting hats as soon as he wakes up in the morning.

Big fan of waffles and peanut butter.

Coop loves his new puzzle – thank you, Dawn and Mitch!

I am currently knocking out all my weekday runs during Coop’s morning nap time. So far, it is working out perfectly. He loves a good stroller nap and it motivates me to get out early and run. Win-win.

I had a tempo workout yesterday and ended with seven miles for the day. My workouts are feeling so much better this week, which I’m thankful for! I am still skipping the trail marathon I was supposed to go this weekend, but I can tell I’m almost back to normal after whatever sickness I had.

These lunch bowls are sooooo good. I added Yum Yum sauce to them, too.

When I finished up with work for the day, we headed out for another walk during Coop’s afternoon nap.

Dinner last night was ground beef tacos. You just can’t go wrong with tacos!

After dinner, we played outside and got nice and dirty before bed. Coop loves putting rocks in his mouth…

After Coop went to bed, Jake and I worked on some landscaping. We are both motivated to get back into our remodel, so we’re knocking some things out!

Then we sat out front and enjoyed the sunset before bed.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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