Weekend Wrap-up: mini Jake + DNS + biggest running weekend!

This weekend was a blast, but like always, flew by way too quickly. While we waited for Jake to get home Friday afternoon, we hung out outside.

This kid is his daddy’s twin. The other day Jake asked me why I though Coop was so obsessed with hats. I just laughed and said feel your head…Jake always has a hat on. Coop wants to be just like him!

These jeans shorts are a little big, but I couldn’t stop giggling at him in them. There’s just something so adorable about a baby in jeans!

Jake grilled brats for dinner Friday night and we enjoyed them outside.

Mouths full of food.

Jake and I are both training for some big races this year. Jake has a hundred mile bike race and I have my first 50k. It definitely takes some planning to balance training and parenthood, but we’re making it work! Jake got up super early all the weekend to knock out his long rides before Coop and I got up for the day. Once he got finished up and got back home, then I headed out for my runs. Saturday, I had two hours on the schedule, so Rhea and I went to Fellows to run.

It was a warm day, so we took some water breaks for Rhea. By the end of my run, she was over it and just walked behind me. Ha!

I chugged a recovery shake the second I finished running.

I ended with 10.4 miles for the day. This was a little slower than I would’ve liked, but I know I’m still healing from being sick. I was actually supposed to have a trail marathon on Sunday, but after chatting with my coach, we decided I would skip it so we could focus on just getting me back totally healthy. I absolutely think it was the best idea, even though I hate pulling a DNS (did not start).

After my run, I rushed home to shower and get ready to head to a bridal shower for my friend, Casey, who is getting married in May. Coop went with me and rocked his pineapple party shirt.

He was pretty excited about this balloon he got to play with.

One of Coop’s best buddies, Jett, was also at the shower. These two wild boys played together the whole time. It’s so fun watching them.

Sunday morning started with more trail miles – I had 2.5 hours on the schedule for the day. I headed to Two Rivers to knock it out and Kayla met me, which made my day! She ran the first hour with me, which made the miles fly by.

Rhea girl was also with me. It was much cooler, so she was happier. Except, I feel like the worst dog mom…poor girl ripped two pads on one of her paws. She never acted like she was hurting, but I noticed it when we got home and she was limping a little. I feel awful.

It pays to know people who love to run and/or ride! When I finished up my run, I ran into a friend of ours who was finishing up his ride. He asked if I wanted a cold beer. My immediate answer was “hell yes!”

I ended with 12 miles for the day, which gave me 22.4 for the weekend. I felt really, really good both days. My speed isn’t quite where I’d like it, but that’ll come. I’m going to just chipping away.

I think this was my biggest running week ever. Ever! So crazy. I am amazed at how good I feel. I am glad today is a rest day, but I’m definitely ready to get back into workouts this week.

Just mini Jake being so cool.

We grabbed dinner with Jake’s family last night, which we always do on Sundays. Coop was excited to entertain everyone.

A little playing and reading before bed time. I love this boy’s smile.

Coop and I are currently watching the Boston Marathon. It is so amazing to watch these athletes. This race always gives me goosebumps.

Happy Monday, friends!

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