Weaning progress + Rhonda is getting ready + family photos!

Waffles and eggs have been my go-to breakfast the past few months. I can’t stop. Also, it’s easy. Win-win.

We are still slowly weaning. We are down to two nursing sessions a day – one at night and one in the morning. The other day Coop went 14 hours between sessions, which was our longest gap. Weaning is hard, but it’s also giving us some more freedom. I am proud of us for making it almost 15 months. We have two weeks left before we’ll be completely finished. I cry when I think of it being over, but I can honestly say I’ve loved every second. And for that, I am so grateful. Side note: we are only weaning right now because we are hoping to do another transfer late this summer. Our clinic wants us weaned by May. It was a hard decision, but best for our family.

Monday was a looooong day. I have felt behind on work since Monday morning, Coop had a rough night Sunday, so no one got much sleep, and we were all just a little bit cranky. Jake called on his way home from work and asked what I wanted for dinner. I said we had leftovers, but that I didn’t want them. I told him I wanted a margarita as big as my head. He told me to meet him at La Paloma. Best. Hubby. Ever.

Our sweet nanny tore her ACL, so she is out for awhile. We are so sad and Coop misses her so much. We hope she heals quickly! My mom watched Coop for me yesterday while I knocked out a tempo run. It was nice to do a workout without the stroller, but I forgot water and got super hot. I need to remember I need water now that it’s warm out. I feel like with each season I forget what I’m doing. Ha! My allergies are driving me nuts right now, too, so that’s miserable, but it felt good to run yesterday.

Jake has been busting his butt to get Rhonda ready for our first trip this weekend. We have friends getting married in Georgia, so we’ll be taking Rhonda out there. Jake got a bench seat and a bed and mattress for her!

So excited to finally be able to drive Coop around! Before, we only had the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat, so there was nowhere for Coop. Now he has his choice of seats! (yes, we will have his car seat in here.)

While I put Coop to bed, Jake got our bed and new mattress installed. It is SO comfortable. He ordered it all from a company called Flat Line Van Co (I think…)

Our good friend, Brandi, who has taken every picture of our big moments – engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn, and all our family photos – took some of the three of us and I could not love them more! There are 177, sooooo, I won’t share them all, but here are some favorites. Thank you, Brandi!!!!! These mean the world to me.

My world.

She snapped a few of the outside of our house, and I love them so much. It shows all of the hard work we have put into this remodel. I’m glad we will have these forever!

How is he so cute?!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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