The sweetest boy + early morning run + off we go!

This boy is always so happy in the mornings. His little smile just melts me.

I was supposed to have an endurance run on Wednesday. Coop and I headed out to do it, but as soon as I started, I did not feel great because of allergies. I ended up texting my coach, and we switched my run to a recovery. That felt much better! Little man snoozed the entire hour I ran.

My grandpa turned 90 on Wednesday! My whole family got together to FaceTime him and sing happy birthday. It was so much fun. I also got to snuggle my sweet niece, Ford. Every time I hold her, it just blows my mind that Coop was ever this tiny.

Thursday morning, I met Kayla at 5am to run. I felt a million times better this morning then I did the day before. I love my stroller runs, but it sure is nice to get my out of the way early in the day. Plus, girlfriend miles are always my favorite.

Breakfast post-run: waffles and eggs. So tasty!

After my run, I knocked out some work, and then finished packing for myself and Coop. All of this is just for the two of us…HA! Thank goodness for the van, we have lots and lots of room for all our stuff!

We got everything loaded up, made our bed, and were ready to hit the road!

Coop was excited for his first ride in the van.

Tennessee, here we come!

We drove about an hour and then stopped for dinner at a cute little brewery in Mountain Grove. We shared pizza and their steak and baked potato special. It was all delicious.

Coop inhaled pizza, steak, bbq baked beans, and some potato. This kid loooovee to eat.

Good morning! We snoozed in the van last night. We didn’t get to our camp spot until about 8:45, so Coop went to bed about two hours later than normal. We were hoping he’d sleep in a bit, but our little alarm clock was ready to play at 6am on the dot.

Here are a few of my favorite black and white pictures from our family photo session.

These little cheeks are covered in kisses 24/7.

Oh sweet boy, we love you so!

This one cracks me up.

We are about five hours out from our destination. We camped in the van last night. Cooper probably slept the best. Both Jake and I had a hard time sleeping. Our new bed and mattress are super comfortable, so that was really nice. We cannot wait to celebrate our sweet friends’ marriage this weekend!

Happy Friday, friends!

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