Weekend Wrap-up: Rhonda’s first big trip + Cooper the trooper + our last nighttime nursing session

What. A. Weekend. We hit Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri in ONE day. HA! We broke up the trip on the way out, but made the whole trek home in one day. It was a loooooong day – about 10 hours in the car – but we had so much fun and are so glad we made the trip to see our friends get married!

SO thankful this kid loves books. He read a little Saturday morning on our way to get breakfast.

We also watched A LOT of Ms. Rachel….and Bluey.

He took a few naps, but not nearly as many as we were hoping for. His cheeks are so perfect.

We got to our Airbnb about 5pm. We needed to leave about 5:30 to get to the rehearsal dinner. I HAD to take a shower, so I took maybe the fastest shower of my life while Jake unloaded the van. Then we hopped back into the van and met up with everyone. Coop had a blast running around the park where the rehearsal was.

Gosh, I love him.

Coop loves rubbing Jake’s head. It always makes us laugh so hard.

Coop’s fake smile when he’s over my picture-taking…

We grabbed breakfast out Saturday morning, then Jake headed to the wedding venue since he was the best man. Coop and I went for a walk, which resulted in a long nap for Coop, then we both got ready to head to the wedding. Coop rocked a bow tie and suspenders. I could not stop staring at him! He looked so adorable!

The coolest dude. <3

Family photo outtakes, HA!

Coop was pretty fussy Saturday, so we didn’t stay at the wedding very long, which was a bummer. He missed his second nap of the day, so I figured it would be a wild card. We were still so happy we got to celebrate Healy and Caitlin – the ceremony was perfect and they both looked amazing. I failed to get any pictures other than the few I shared above. Sunday morning, we let Coop play and get lots of wiggles out before loading up for home.

Coop did SO great. The last two hours, he was OVER it, but we were too, so we totally understood. Not even watching shows on the iPad seemed to help. We were all so happy when we pulled into the driveway! Jake’s sweet grandma, Wynona, stayed at our house and watched the girls for us. We appreciated it so, so much. The girls LOVE her and had the best time.

We are still on track to be weaned by May, but man, each time we hit a last, my heart breaks a little bit. We had our last nighttime nursing session last night. I sobbed to Jake about it on our drive home yesterday, and cried again during. It’s just such a hard process and I have loved it so much. We are now only nursing once a day, in the morning, and this is our very last week. I cry any time I think about it. I’m so thankful I have been able to breastfeed for as long as I have.

After Coop went to bed, we hung out with Jake’s Nanny for a little bit before she headed home. Then we unpacked a little before crawling into bed and passing out! It felt so good to be back home!

Happy Monday, friends!

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