Sunshine runs + a little something for me + we will have a gym again!

Monday morning, we got ready to head out for my recovery run. I was pretty stiff after being in the car most of the day on Sunday, but I knew it would feel so good to move a little bit.

I am digging these sunshine runs.

Coop got in a little naked bike riding while I put away his clothes from our trip.

This kid sure loves his puppies. He gives Rhea smooches all the time. Lu usually runs away from him, but Rhea always lets him love on her.

When I finished up with meetings on Monday, we got outside to soak up the sunshine. Coop enjoyed some Jeep time.

Dinner was a bbq chicken sandwich with salad and avocado. It was delicious. We have swim on Monday nights, so I always try to plan a dinner that is in the crockpot or will take me 10 minutes or less to make when we get home from swim lessons.

Someone decided he needed an avocado hair mask…

Sometimes my runs start like this…

And end like this! Ha! Someone was over being in the stroller with about 10 minutes left of my recovery run, so I carried him the rest of the way. We got it in, though!

No shame in our PB&J lunch game. Sometimes it’s all about what is in our pantry and fast to make.

We also shared some cottage cheese.

Y’all, this kid will not stop pooping in the bathtub…SOS.

So we did a real quick switch to the kitchen sink.

I sent off some breastmilk yesterday to get a little something to commemorate our breastfeeding journey. I cannot wait to get it!

These okra chips from Mama Jean’s are delicious!

We ran some errands yesterday. He always wants to pretend to drive before he gets back into his car seat. Why does he look like a teenager in this picture?

Swinging in the sunshine with my best boy.

We finally have a rack and weights for a garage gym again!!!! I am SO stoked. We sold all of our weight stuff when we moved from our last house, so have been without one for almost three years now. We both cannot wait to get this set up and start using it.

Dinner last night was leftover bbq chicken sandwiches, salad, avocado, and okra. I love leftovers.

Coop went to bed like normal last night, but woke up about 10 PM crying really hard. That is very unlike him, but he didn’t have a fever, or seem sick, and he calm down the second I held him, so he got to sleep with us last night. The second I put him in our bed, he put his head on Jake’s pillow and passed out immediately – it was so sweet. Sometimes you just need to sleep with your mom and dad! I woke up to him grabbing both of my cheeks this morning and giving me kisses. That is a pretty dang good way to wake up!

Our sweet nanny, who we love so much, tore her ACL, and cannot nanny for us anymore. We are heartbroken, and the past two weeks have been a little bonkers without her, but we have someone new coming today and a second girl coming next week. We are excited to meet them both and I hope they work out! And Coop cannot wait for Miss Abby to feel better so she can play with him!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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