Weekend Wrap-up: a big training weekend + zoo fun + weaning is the WORST

What a weekend! We had a fun Cinco, a little getaway to AR, a fun zoo trip, and some family time. Coop and I rocked some black hats on Friday. This kid makes everything so fun.

We ran some errands in the van Friday afternoon. Coop LOVES riding in the van. He always wants to get out of his seat and play on the bed. It’s adorable.

This kid still loves hats. All hats. Especially mine.

We had planned to camp in the van Friday night, so I snagged some margaritas since it was Cinco de Mayo and you can’t properly celebrate without margs. I got these at Mama Jean’s. They were delicious! We ended up staying in town and leaving early in the morning on Saturday, so we sipped these at home before grabbing some pizza, but they would have been perfect for camping.

Saturday morning, we loaded up the van and headed to AR for some training. Rhea and Coop went with us – Lulu stayed at my parents.

I had a four hour run planned, which was my longest trail run. I knocked out an hour on my own, and then my friend, Alex, joined me for the last three. I’m SO thankful I had her with me.

I love any miles I get to spend with this gal! We used to run together just about every day, so I’ve definitely been missing her since she moved to Arkansas. So thankful she’s only two hours away!

The last 30 minutes were brutal. I wanted to stop with every single step. The second I hit four hours, all I wanted to do was sit. I sprawled out on the parking lot and could only manage to get one shoe off. I was so done. I thought I was going to get sick, but ended up dry heaving and being okay. I think the heat really did a number on me. It was almost 90° when we finished, which was by far the hottest temperature I’ve ran in in a LONG time. Plus the longest trail run. In three years, maybe? It was tough, but we did it!

I wanted 18-20 miles, but I just didn’t have anything else in me. I was proud of what I got in.

I definitely fell off toward the end, which you can see with my paces and heart rate.

After my four hour run, Jake had a three hour ride. Poor guy, it was SO hot. Coop and I headed to the Visitor’s Center to hang out while Jake rode. It was way too hot to chill in the van. Coop made friends with everyone he saw, which was good since we were there for a long time.

They had a bunch of different animals, which Coop loved. He was very entertained by them, which was good for this tired mama.

Rhea couldn’t come in the Visitor’s Center with us, so she hung out outside in the shade. We took a snack break out by her.

I was so worn out. Momming after a big training day is tough! I was so thankful for all the fun things at the Visitor’s Center. Coop had the best day exploring.

We went back to the trailhead to meet Jake. We sat in the van in the AC while we waited for him to finish up. Thank God for Ms. Rachel…Coop watched an episode while I sat down and relaxed for a little bit.

Once Jake finished his ride, we were both starving, so we grabbed burgers. We went to a place called Parkside Public and had the best burgers! Mine had cream cheese, peppadew-jalapeño relish, and a delicious sauce. After we ate, we headed back home. It was way too hot to camp.

Sunday morning started with some family time and then a recovery run. My body was so swollen and tired from Saturday. I had to switch short because the ones I had on were too tight and I had to put my bra on the loosest setting. Jake thanks I got a little dehydrated on Saturday in the heat. I drank a lot of water, but probably didn’t have enough and was a little behind on calories. All good lessons for my 50k next month.

Post-run smiles and coffee. Jake met us before heading out for his ride.

After my run, I knocked out some work around the house, then Coop and I headed to the zoo to meet my friend, Katie, and her son, Otis. Coop loved getting to see all the animals.

He loved watching Otis feed the giraffes.

Coop wanted to grab that giraffe tongue so badly.

“Enough picture taking, woman!!! Let’s go!” HA!

He waved at every animal…both real and statues.

I loved watching these two play and run around.

Katie is pregnant with another boy, so I’m sure things will just keep getting wilder once there are three of them running around. We can’t wait!

I. Hate. Weaning. We are eight days post our last nursing session, and I was really hopeful I would be dried up by now. But now I have a clogged duct…maybe two. Ugh. I am trying everything to get rid of it without expressing milk. I don’t want to start producing a lot again, but man, this has been so hard. So much harder than I anticipated! I wish this stuff was talked about more often. Hoping after this week, things are better…

Happy Monday, friends!

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