Bummed out + the sweetest + HELLOOOOO SUMMER!

These lunches are still hitting the spot this week. Tortilla, tuna, veggies, cheese, and spicy Yum Yum sauce. Mmmm.

Sometimes ya just need to watch Friends while you grade finals.

I love this yogurt. It’s a little high in sugar, but it’s delicious.

The name of the game this week is easy meals. Dinner Monday night after swim was massive salads with chicken and bbq sweet potatoes.

We went on a family walk after dinner. Coop danced in his Jeep the whole time we were outside.

This kid loves his puppies. Rhea got all the smooches before bed.

Weaning is so hard. I have been in so much pain all week. I attempted a run on Tuesday morning and it did not go well. My boobs feel like rocks and are so painful. So, we called it quits and just walked for an hour. I started to spiral thinking I wouldn’t be able to run my race in three week, but I reminded myself that it’s not the end of the world. Plus, a lot can change in that amount of time. So, we’re just taking it a day at a time. This is definitely one of the most painful things I have ever experienced. And no one talks about it!! That’s absurd to me.

Always in search of a hat…I have to keep this door closed all the time now because Coop is climbing on EVERYTHING. He loves to climb that sodden bench at the end of the bed.

The cutest boy.

I was feeling bummed about not being able to run and being in pain, so we did a little retail therapy. Strolling Target with Starbucks makes everything better!

Why does he look like a teenager?? Ugh. My heart.

He loves to sit in the driver’s seat and pretend to drive. I am not ready for this view in 15ish years…

Some of Coop’s molars are coming in, so he keeps gagging himself while chewing on his fingers. This results in the occasional throw up situation…poor kid. I can’t imagine how painful teething must be.

A little outfit change…my brother-in-law got these shorts for Coop. He said he saw the pineapples and knew we had to have them. Thank you, Tyler!!! Coop loves them (so do I)!


Last meeting of the semester!!! All that stands between me and a few weeks off is grading final projects, which I hope to have finished TODAY.

Sometimes ya just need green beans and a PB&J for dinner. Coop and I shared a plate, too, because I was feeling extra lazy.

I have a workout run to attempt today…I’m not sure how it’ll go. I have a tight bra to wear, and I really think once it’s on, I’ll be okay, but the through of putting it on makes me want to cry. We’ll see how things go! Weaning and training for a 50k isn’t the best combo.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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  1. Christina

    I went through this too! I’m so sorry-it is indeed so painful. I found not expressing helps because it prolongs the production. I used heating pads and ibuprofen! I also hiked only for a few weeks and bought a new delux sports bra and wore it pretty much all the time. And, lots of water-for some reason that seemed to help with the inflammation. Hang in there!

    • papersandpavement

      These are great tips!! Thank you! I only expressed once, and it didn’t help like I thought it would, so now it’s super tight bras and just getting through it. I need to get my heating pad back out. Thank you for sharing!!

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